Planning Your First Trip to Canada


If your dream trip involves a trip to Canada, it would benefit you to do your research first. Avoid most common traveling mistakes that newbies make, like trying to fit too much in one trip, not realizing the distance between attractions, and not knowing requirements to another country including climate conditions, and how to get in the country.

Another misconception first time Canada travelers assume that all countries are the same in how they handle their laws, how the currency works or the fact that Canada has a border that has guards.

Below are some things you should consider first when planning your trip to Canada for the first time.

Canada Entry Requirements

If you want to visit Canada, there are certain requirements you need to enter the country. These requirements include having a valid  Visum ETA Canada; being healthy; have no criminal record; and have enough money for your stay and departure.

It’s also good to know what you can and cannot bring across the border. Some common things are fresh produce, pet food, and firearms.

Consider Canada’s Size

Most people don’t realize is that Canada is a very large country. In fact, it’s the second largest in the world. Canada has 10 provinces and has five time zones. When you plan your trip, you need to take into consideration the vast miles you might need to cover if you plan to see many attractions. Look on a map or plug in locations in Google Maps to see if the destinations you have picked out are close enough to visit in the time you plan on staying. You might want to check into other transportation options for some of your travel to save time and get the most out of your trip.



Deciding on Destinations

There are so many amazing places to see in Canada, it’s hard to decide what destinations to choose to visit. When putting together your itinerary, decide what type of activities you like the most and plan from there. Canada is known its outdoors, like fishing, rafting, hiking, and even skiing. This wonderful place for travel also has an array of historic architecture, like Downtown St. John’s colorful street.

Some Popular Places to Visit:


This best known city  has lots of attractions to see such as watching a hockey game, visiting the CN Tower, amazing museums, and a massive Lake Ontario to conquer rafting and hiking the trails aligning it.


This city has beautiful mountains and old time charm. While there, ski at the Whistler ski resort, or take a cruise on one of their cruise ships that head out to Alaska.


French is Montreal‘s main language, but they have plenty of English speaking business owners to guide those who don’t speak French.  Known for it’s food, try one of their many places to eat, or visit Old Montreal for lots of photo opps and come to one of their popular festivals held all year long.


You have to visit Niagara Falls while in Ontario to see it from the Canadian side.

Free Spirit Spheres

If you are looking for something off the wall to try, then you need to see the Free Spirit Spheres. Nestled in a forest on Vancouver Island, these wooden spheres can be found hanging in the trees.

They are actually just a unique tree house that are made to look like large acorns, and the bridge that connects to it looks like a spider web. If you feel daring, you can book an overnight stay for an awesome experience.


What is the Best Season to Travel

There are adventures for all seasons in Canada. From skiing in the months of November to April. Rafting in the summer, and checking out the fall foliage during the cooler months. Prices and weather conditions will depend on what part of Canada you are.

Learn their Money

Before you go to Canada, you need to learn how their money works. They use the Canadian dollar, but some major cities in Canada will accept both currencies. It’s best to find out where to exchange your money for Canadian money and learn about tipping and taxes. There are plenty of info on the internet about money and Canada.

Learn the Laws

Canada has some pretty strict laws that you may not be aware of. Check all laws regarding driving, firearms, drinking, and anything else you might need to be aware of so you don’t get in trouble-this can be extreme when you aren’t a citizen.

What to Pack

Canada is known for it’s cold weather, but depending on when you go, you should pack accordingly.

Summer is between June-September, but it can still get cold. While visiting Canada during this season, take shorts and short sleeved clothes, but remember something warm for the evenings.

If you decide to visit in the winter, bring extra warm gear because it gets extra cold during this season. You’ll need an umbrella as well since it does tend to rain during this time of the year.

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