10 Tips to Provide Amazing Customer Service

how to give great service

There isn’t a customer on this planet that doesn’t want a great experience when he or she interacts with a business. After all, they are spending their hard earned money and want to be respected.

Providing quality customer experience is just as important as the product you offer. However, some companies don’t see that.

It does not matter whether a customer is purchasing something or has a complaint, the customer service team should be accommodating to the customer’s needs.

Here are 10 customer service tips to use to satisfy your customer’s needs.

1. Maintain a positive attitude

It is so important that your employees keep a positive attitude when dealing with your customers. There is no substitute for this! Remember the last time you walked into a Starbucks and had a grumpy cashier wait on you. How did that make you feel? People pay for the experience when they go to a place like that. Why else would they pay so much for a cup of coffee, when they could get one at the gas station for a fraction of the cost?

If you maintain an inviting attitude, then you will avoid problems. Plain and simple!

2. Use technology to better understand 

Using a customer success platform can help make it easy to get a holistic view of your customer engagement. This can help in serving the customer better and reduce customer complaints.

3. Always respond quickly

A lot of support executives respond to a complaint very nonchalantly, putting solving the problem off as long as possible. You’ll find that there are many out there that are so untrained in customer service that they just don’t care and are even rude.

In today’s competitive world where the competition is just waiting to pounce on and take away your customers, it is important that you  respond to all complaints in a timely matter. Your average customer expects a reply within the hour. s

4. Listen to your customers

A big problem for companies is the fact that they just don’t listen to the customer. A company assumes that they already know what they want before they even finish a sentence. This just frustrates the customer, and hurts the company’s reputation. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to hear them out completely. Do not interrupt or assume when your customer is explaining the situation.

As the saying goes, you can learn by hearing. If you do not listen, you will never get to the bottom of the problem.

5. Provide incentives and rewards

There are so many businesses that provide loyalty cards and membership, a customer almost expects to be offered one. Rewards and incentives make a profound impact on a customer’s loyalty to your business.

To keep your customer from going to the other guy, can reward them with incentives that recognize their loyalty.

6. Use their first name

Did you know that a study done by Contact Point Client showed that only 21% of support staff ask for a customer’s name. They also found that customers like it when the support team ask for them by their name when trying to contact them.

However, never address them by their first name if you are doing a cold call for random marketing.

7. “I don’t know” is not an option

Your team represents your business. So, to avoid this, you must properly train your employees so that they can resolve any type of problem. The training you provide must cover all aspects of customer service, like how to deal with issues, talk to customers the right way, and appropriate talking points.


8. Show some empathy

Whether you show empathy when addressing a situation is what makes or breaks a good staff. Adding few phrases into the conversation can easily lift the mood of a customer.

Use some phrases such as these:

“I know how important this product is to you.”

“We know how upsetting this must be.” 

This extra step results in trust from the customer and can put them at ease.

9. Keep them up-to-date

People hate not being in the loop. When problems arise, the customer can become even more impatient. Make sure your support team keeps them regularly updated on the situation.

10. Say thank you 

Gandhi said, “A customer is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve”.

When customers come to you they expect respect. A “thank you” helps tremendously when trying to win the trust of the customer!

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