10 Most Memorable Places to Visit in Canada

Who wouldn’t want to visit Canada? There are so many opportunities for adventures everywhere you turn. If you love the outdoors, Canada is the perfect place to visit. There are beautiful landscapes; moose around every corner; and amazing hiking trails in every park.  If you are interested in Canada’s culture, you should try some of their maple syrup or see an ice hockey game.
While you get your suitcase packed with outdoor worthy clothing, passport, Visum ETA Canada, and plenty of bug repellent, make sure you plan your itinerary to make sure you visit is one to remember years to come.

Here are 10 Most Memorable Places to Visit in Canada:

1. Jasper National Park

Peyto Lake is a glacier-fed lake located in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The lake itself is easily accessed from the Icefields Parkway.

Jasper is the largest  park in the Canada. Of course you should go on a hike in the Maligne Canyon, and after admiring Spirit Island, go on the Jasper SkyTram-if you aren’t afraid of heights.

2. Edge Walk the CN Tower in Toronto


If you are daring, make your CN Tower visit one you will never forget by trying out their amazing “ride” by walking around the roof! After being fitted in a jumpsuit and a harness, you go up the elevator and when on the roof, they attached cables to your harness-maybe you should wait for lunch before trying this one out!

3. Take a Kingston Trolley Tour


If you’re in Kingston, Ontario,  don’t forget to take a ride on the famous Kingston Trolley. This old-fashion red trolley car ride takes you around the city on a historical tour around Kingston.

4. Visit in the Winter


Winter is a great time to visit Canada. They are known for their fun dog-sledding and epic skiing-there really is something for everyone. Two of the most recommended ski resorts are the Mont-Tremblant and Banff & Lake Louise. Vancouver’s biggest time of year for snow is May.

Canada also throws some of the world’s biggest winter festivals.

5. Stay in the Quebec Ice Hotel

Sainte Catherine de la Jacques Cartier, Ice Hotel

The Quebec Ice Hotel is one of the most unique visitor destinations in the world. Unlike other hotels, this hotel is made totally of ice-even the furniture!

The owners rebuild the hotel every year, then are open to the public from January to the first of April. If you are wondering how it stays frozen for all that time, the walls are made 4 feet thick to keep the hotel cold at 28° Fahrenheit. Schedule a tour and get a drink at the ice bar, or you can even stay overnight.

6. Walking Tour of Downtown St. John’s


Taking a walk in downtown St. John’s is an absolute must! Choose from an organized walking tour or just do one by yourself.

You’ll be amazed by the sight of colorful homes, and be in awe at the historic churches. You will regret it if you don’t bring your camera to take photos. Start your tour at Water Street, a street that’s over 400 years old. Next stop, the Military Road which holds the Basilica of St. John the Baptist. End your tour on Church Street, which is where the photo-famous colorful row of houses lie- did you know they were painted so colorful so that sailors would know which home was theirs?

7. Hang out at George Street Newfoundland


George Street, a well known street in Newfoundland, is where people go to party. They close the street to traffic during the evenings for people to walk freely. Full of  nightclubs,  restaurants, and bars, this famous party street is a great place to unwind at the end of the night and make a couple of new friends.

8. Free Spirit Spheres


This unique attraction can be found in the forest on Vancouver Island. When you arrive, you’ll see large wooden orbs hanging from the trees.

These unique tree houses are made to look like huge nuts, and the suspension bridge is made to look like a spider web by attaching it to different points in the trees. You use the bridge to get to the spheres and then climb a staircase to the spheres.

These spheres are made of wood and some fiberglass. Inside the curved walls there are tiny holes for windows. To save space, they made tables and mirrors that fold out when you need them, and the loft beds and benches are curved. The appliances are compact as well. If you feel daring, you can book an overnight stay for an awesome tree-house experience.

National Gallery


The National Gallery was founded in 1880. The gallery is made up of European and Canadian paintings, drawings and sculptures. After touring the gallery, stay for lunch at the 7 Tapas Bar. They serve splendid wines and one of a kind menu items.

Canadian War Museum


Canadian War Museum is located in Ottawa, Ontario. This museum holds all Canada’s military history, telling a story through  photographs and war hero’s personal stories.


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