Is it safe to travel to South East Asia?



Many people wonder if South East Asia is safe to travel to. After all, they have heard many disappointing stories about the region. The truth is that South East Asia is as safe as any other country on the planet. If there is an increased risk of terrorism, then it is everywhere and not just restricted to South East Asia. Thus, for those wodnerign if they should book a flight and hotel in SEA, go ahead and look forwards to an exciting holiday and great experiences.

South East Asia has always been a popular destination among the holiday makers. Apart from offering a huge and diverse experience, it is incredibly cheap, especially for the budget-conscious travellers and backpackers. It is only in SEA where you can stretch your dollar to the fullest! Just start planning and make your booking. Hotels in Perlis make for a good choice as they are located in prime locations and the costs are likely to fall well within your budget.

Now, coming back to the safety of travelling in South East Asia and going past those stories of scams and injuries, well, you can certainly be completely safe in the country. All you need to do is follow some Dos and /don’t to ensure 100% safety of yore trip.

Here are some Do’s and Don’t for your SEA trip.


Stay with your group and avoid wandering off with a stranger on your own. Just don’t wander off the beaten path and stick with your group.

Go easy on the booze and don’t forget you’re in a different country. Have fun but don’t go overboard with your fun and excitement.

Have the adventure of a lifetime and try out crazy adventures and new foods. Just make sure that you are having a great time.

Spend a little extra if you are enjoying your trip and it is worth it as SEA is very affordable. You can spend extra for a stay in T Hotel Kuala Perlis for a memorable experience.
Although the whole of SEA is safe, there are some areas that one can avoid going to.

Do not travel to

Here are some destinations where travel is not advised:

Central and western Mindanao in Philippines because of violent clashes between military and rebel groups.

Southernmost provinces of Thailand due to politically-motivated violence.

Lombok and the Gili islands in Indonesia because of the risk of earthquakes and aftershocks.

Papua and West Papua provinces due to civil unrest.

Xaisomboun Province in Laos due to the possibility of violent incidents.

You’re having the time of your life travelling, it can be tempting to prolong your trip as long as possible by stretching your dollar and spending as little as possible. But sometimes it’s worth shelling out a little extra dough. A lot of people who end up injured in Southeast Asia go on tours whose focus is less on safety and more on profit. Some providers aren’t as safe as your home country would be, so when you’re planning adventurous excursions, go by the company’s reputation and not on the price! Read reviews, ask friends and other travelers about their experiences. Better safe than sorry!

Southeast Asia is indeed safe to travel to and all you need to do is be a smart traveler and sue your common sense for your safety and an unforgettable experience. Just take all the necessary precautions and focus more on the fun.

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