4 things to consider when you are choosing a new mattress for your home

We have written much time, that healthy sleep is one of the most important conditions things for your health. In order for your sleep was comfortable, you should think about a place where you sleeping and what you sleep on. Many people pay attention to the mattresses not enough. They think it is not important things and their life and even can have a bedtime on an old mattress, which is destroyed. Such people often have a problem with health. A headache, pain in the spine, muscles is the result of an incorrect position of the body during sleep. You can say to me it is too expensive to buy new and qualitative mattresses, but we have another idea and want to share with you how you can choose a good mattress and save your money.

We take you four kind of advice, which you can use to buy the best mattress.


  • First of all, they decided on a kind of mattress

In order to learn how to choose the best mattresses and pillows, let’s look at types of them on this website.

There two main options for home mattresses: spring and springless.

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. After carefully studying them, you can make the right decision that will bring just benefit to you and protects from disappointment.

Spring mattresses

This type provides the presence of springs, which are covered with a cover, and, also, a filler can be here, too. Depending on the location, the springs can be intertwined with each other or independent, which wrapped up with the cloth separately.

A mattress with independent springs is more comfortable, as it easily adapts to the shape of your body, 256 springs will provide you with comfort and will work longer. A mattress with dependent springs is very soft and comfortable, but if a single spring breaks down, the entire mattress comes in unsuitable.

mattress size

Springless mattresses

This type of mattresses is a cover filled with different kinds of synthetic or natural material. The synthetic fillers are a polyurethane foam, memorial, memorializes, viscoelastic foam. All these materials have high wear resistance and hypoallergenic properties.

Natural materials: sisal, coconut coir, latex, provide good support of the spine, have antibacterial properties and do not cause allergies.


Two-sided and one-sided mattresses

The uniqueness of this kind is that each side has its own stiffness, filler and you can change sides depending on your desire or need.

Orthopedic mattress

It is designed for medical purposes and its main task is to provide good body support, to people who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Sometimes doctors recommend such mattresses to people for the prevention of diseases, especially they are good for children who spend a lot of time with computers, gadgets and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, they are in a zone of increased risk.

2. The size of the mattress

The size matters, and in choosing a bed, this is one of the key factors that are responsible for the quality of your sleep. If you have an old mattress,  you can orienteer on its size. If you just plan to buy a new bed and a mattress, it’s better for you to calculate the size which you need. The length of the bedroom seat should be more than 20 centimeters from your height. The width depends on your desire and body size, note that you should have comfortable sleeping using your favorite pose. Hands and feet should lie on the bed, and not hang down. If you choose a mattress for two, then you should understand that there should be enough place for two. If the bed is too small you will not have the opportunity to have a good dream.

3.    Consider your age and weight

When choosing a mattress, you should really assess your weight and focus on it. For people with high body weight, it is best to choose hard mattresses, such as spring mattresses. They have good resistance and do not bend strongly under heavy weight. It provides you with a good support of the whole body and you will be cheerful and energetic in the morning. People with low weight should pay attention to the springless options. They are more plastic and do not give a big load on the spine.

4.    Consider your health

If you have even the slightest disease of the musculoskeletal system, then choosing the right mattress is the number one task for you. Before buying, be sure to consult a doctor about your diagnosis. If we talk about common symptoms, then for people who have problems in the lumbar region, it is better to sleep on a soft mattress but with good support. If you are experiencing pain in the thoracic area, then you should choose medium-hard mattresses, for example, spring, but with a filler.

Rigid mattresses are the choice of people who have serious problems in orthopedics. Also, this kind for is good for children as their body mass is still small, and the spine is not fully formed, so it needs good support.

Your health is in your hands. Do not make quick decisions, and solve this task responsibly and judiciously.

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