Android v/s iOS: Which is More Secure?

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There are two main players in the mobile phone world; Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. It has always been a heated debate as to which of the two OS is more secure. Let’s take a look at facts and figures of the security of both phones to determine which suits you best.   

We did a thorough research and as a result concluded the following factors which will hopefully provide you with enough knowledge that will help you decide which operating system is suitable for you.  

Threat level:

If we talk about the threat level, the iOS devices have an upper hand. As in iOS devices, you can only download apps from the App store and there are only a limited downloading options available. So, the chances of downloading a malware are reduced. Apple strictly controls the availability of apps on its App store, due to this the risk of getting viruses is lessened.

On the other hand, Androids have a very open approach, you can easily download almost anything you want from the internet. This is the basic reason androids are more prone to malwares and viruses. But only one perfectly formed iOS malware can corrupt the whole device. Both devices can get malwares but iOS usually are more secure than androids in this scenario.    

Security boot up process:

The Android uses security platforms like Linux Kernel and Inter-Process Communication facility to provide the required security level. Some of the androids are coded with Application Sandbox; a platform that gives verified boot guarantee in each stage. In every stage, the integrity is verified cryptographically. Androids also verifies the boot which makes it almost impossible for compromised devices to boot. This feature is available with the help of dm-verity kernel.

In iOS the security level is maintained with the help of Low Level Bootlader (LLB), iOS kernel and iBoot. Apple Root CS Public Key using the Boot ROM program verifies the LLB and it also ensures that iBoot and Bootloader are signed by Apple. After passing this security protocol iOS kernel is verified and executed by the iBoot.

Security Apps:

Apart from the security provided by the OS, you can also secure your devices by downloading or purchasing safety suites. These suites helps in protecting your devices from security threats and malwares. There are also several anti-theft apps which can help in making your phone more secure and traceable incase its lost. You can easily track your devices from your tracking apps. These apps easily allow you to find your devices. For tracking your iPhones you can follow this guide for how to track an iPhone by phone number.  

Software Updates for Security:

Both operating systems provide frequent updates to provide more security to their users. In androids, monthly updates are offered to the users which can be acquired from their Android Security Bulletin. But, these updates are optional if you don’t want to update you can simply ignore them and continue using your device like before.

On the other hand, the updates provided by Apple are mandatory. After an update is available Apple rules out several versions of the security update and makes it’s users to download it by giving continuous notifications. The iOS makes it difficult for the users to ignore the update.    


Both operating systems are equally good. But which one you prefer depends on your personal preferences.   

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