Booty, What?!? Review: Booty Shawl

I’m a big, big, big, leggings and skinny jeans wearing girl. If I’m not wearing either of those, I’ve got a pair of yoga pants on. One thing that I make sure when wearing a great pair of leggings, is that I have a long shirt on. Not that I’m ashamed of my booty, I just like how it balances it out.

Sometimes, I just don’t have a perfect length shirt to match. I often thought that wouldn’t it be great if I had some layering to make up for it. I thought it would also make your outfit look a bit more dressed up in the process as well.

It’s like Booty Shawl was listening outside my window every time I yell at my closet.

Please ignore the messy bedroom, guys.

Booty Shawl

Pattie Breen, creator of Booty Shawl felt the same way when she looked in her closet. That’s how the Booty Shawl was born!

High five, Pattie!

Here is the pattern for the Lauren Bashawl design:

Booty Shawl

There are now four designs:

These adorable hip wraps can take care of so many needs:

  • Swim suit coverup.
  • Bridal party gift.
  • Back-to-school multitude of looks.
  • Music Festival Garb-Boho modern look.
  • Summer fashion on the run.
  • The must-have travel fashion accessory.
  • Polished perfection on the run-go from office to evening wear.

Booty Shawl brand is about giving women of all sizes and shapes an extra bit of self-assurance wearing tights, yoga pants and skinny jeans. I can get on board with that!

How about you?

You can find Booty Shawl here:

Look Book:



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