5 Successful Marketing Strategies That Stand the Test of Time

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Stand the Test of Time

Marketing has become a magic word in the business world. It is something of a black box in that it is difficult to predict which marketing strategies will turn out to be winners that make you lots of money and which will be losers that cost you lots of money.

What business owners know is that if they get that one thing just right, the potential is huge. They are willing to try new things in hope of hitting on a viral success. Sometimes, in the pursuit of this magical marketing makeover, companies forget about first-principles and basic strategies that have stood the test of time.

While there is no guarantee that what worked yesterday will work tomorrow, we can always learn a few things from past successes. Here are 5 such strategies that still have a place in today’s environment:

1. Taking the Business Outside the Retail Space

The reason you would want something like a custom 10×10 canopy is that you are preparing to enact one of the oldest and truest business strategies: taking the business outside the retail space. 

One way you might do it is via a trade show or expo. Buyers from around the world come to you. Of course, they come to all your competitors as well. That is why you need something to help your business stand out from the crowd.

2. Business Cards

In this brave new world where paper is supposed to be the enemy, we have come up with all kinds of ways to share contact information. We have digitized business cards because no one gets any use out of business cards anymore. Or so they say.

However, experts say that business cards are still relevant. We don’t necessarily use them for contact information. But they are still a vital part of our branding. Some business cards only have a URL to a website or LinkedIn profile. 

That said, when the air conditioner is on the fritz, the company on the business card under the magnet on the fridge is the one that will get the call. The same is true for the plumber and the accident attorney. These are services you don’t need every day. But when you do, a good business card can point the way.

3. Keep It Fresh

One of the 5 online marketing mistakes businesses make is letting their website devolve into an old, ugly mess. In other words, they let their online storefront get stale.

Consider a retail store that never changed its displays and never did any proper merchandising. The shelves appear disheveled. The prices are rarely updated or discounted. Such a store would quickly start to look and feel like an anachronism from a bygone era. 

Websites that are not updated with the latest web standards, mobile responsiveness, and security features will quickly fall behind those that are kept up to date. 

4. Be Consistent

Consistency is a feature. Sometimes, the winner is not the one with the best marketing campaign, but the one who keeps it up the longest and is always there, day in and day out. 

If you market a special deal every Tuesday, you have to be sure to have the item every Tuesday. Try to open and close the same time every day. If it is one thing on Tuesday and another on Friday, customers get confused and go elsewhere. Marketing is not always about being flashy. But it does have to be reliable.

5. Follow-up Marketing

Getting the first sale from a customer is the hardest part. It is easier to convince the same customer to come back. Pretty soon, they represent reliable revenue. None of that happens if you don’t do follow-up marketing. 

After the sale, you need to do things like thanking them and giving them an incentive to return. The initial marketing secures a purchase. Follow-up marketing secures a customer for life.

Don’t ignore new techniques that will enhance your marketing efforts. But be sure to hang on to tried and true methods such as taking the business outside the retail location, producing useful business cards, keeping it fresh, being consistent, and following up with secondary marketing efforts.

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