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One of the first things you get to appreciate when to choose to become a freelancer is that you don’t need to worry about arriving late at the office because ultimately, your office is at home. This simple change can dramatically improve your lifestyle. You may not have noticed how much stress daily commutes put your under, but you’ll undoubtedly feel your body relax as you get used to the home-office arrangement. Indeed, all the little things that used to be stressful in your past office life disappear when you become self-employed. You now can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee at any time in the kitchen without having to take the orders of your colleagues; your coffee break is yours only, and you don’t have to spend it preparing drinks for everyone. Also, you won’t be interrupted by a colleague or a last-minute meeting while in the middle of something. In fact, you might find that you don’t miss the office at all. But there’s one thing you’ll soon miss, and it’s the office tech equipment! So how do you make it work when you’re home-based with a small budget?

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Self-employment is about investing smartly

While you may not have the budget to update your home tech, you need to be ready to make it work with simple solutions. For instance, it’s fair to say that you may not be able to hire an accountant when you start freelancing. However, you can find helpful and affordable online tools that allow you to keep track of your expenses and earnings and prepare your tax returns. You can also use free online solutions, such as Google Suite to stay on top of your day-to-day activities. The Suite comes with a mailing solution, a drive to store all your documents, a calendar, and many other tools.

Can you digitize it?

As a rule of the thumb, you’ll find that you can save tons of money when you decide you don’t need to print out documents. Using G Drive, you can store everything in the cloud, so printing becomes unnecessary. You can also be on the look for tools that help you manage traditional paper transactions through the Internet, such as a fax over internet system that scans all documents and sends them to a secured email address. You’ll find that many clients send a PDF contract or agreement of confidentiality that you need to print out to sign and send back. However, you can digitally sign PDF documents. If you are using a postal service, you can also request your professional mail to be scanned.

Get out of the house

Last, but not least, there are situations in which your home office can’t compare to a professional environment. When you decide to meet clients, you need to find an appropriate meeting place, such as using a coworking office that provides meeting rooms. You don’t have to meet your clients over a coffee at Starbucks when you can make it look just as professional as any other service provider.

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Use coworking spaces

In conclusion, working with the necessary office gear demands some getting used to, at first. As a freelancer, you have to establish a workplace structure that relies on minimum tech equipment while maximizing both free digital tools and alternative digitalization solutions.

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