Don’t Work, Make Money – Here’s How

Making money without working might seem like an impossible dream to you. We’d all love to have a nice sum of money drop into our accounts every month without having to do much at all, but unfortunately, we usually have to swap something for money, whether it’s time or a skill. Luckily, the internet is a fantastic resource and can help us to make money now without it feeling like work at all.

Here’s how you can make money without feeling like you’re working:

how to do what you love


Know What You’re Good At And How You Can Make Money From It

If you don’t know what you’re good at, now is the time to figure it out. Sit down and assess the things you are not only good at, but the things you enjoy. When you can find activities that incorporate both what you’re good at and what you enjoy, it’s less likely to feel like work. You’ll feel fulfilled, lose track of time, and make money while you do it.

Write out a list of things and then brainstorm the potential ways to make money. You don’t always have to work for yourself or start your own business, but doing this often presents more ways to make money and your potential is not limited. Why make money for another person when you could be making it for yourself?

Always Work On Improving Yourself

Consistently working on improving yourself will make you feel confident and empowered. You’ll get better at the things you’re currently doing and learn how to do new things to boot.  You could look at the University of Southern California to get an idea of what’s available there, or you could simply look online to get a feel for online courses you could be doing. You could even just dedicate yourself to doing the occasional workshop or night course. It doesn’t have to be full time.

Make sure you’re interested in the course you’re going to be doing. Learning new things can be tough but it can also be a lot of fun if it’s something you’ve had an interest in for a while.

Consider Passive Income Streams To Help Build Wealth Over Time

Passive income streams will help you to build real wealth, and you’ll never have to rely on one source of income again – which can be stressful if you lose your job, fall ill, or have to take a pay cut.

Passive income streams include writing ebooks, creating a blog/youtube channel, or dropshipping. Pick something you think you’ll enjoy and just think of it as an experiment. Set an hour aside each day to do it. You’ll have to put the work in initially, but eventually, the money will make itself.

You do have to do something to earn money, but you can make it smarter rather than harder if you use these tips. Do you have any tips and ideas of your own? Leave your thoughts below.

Come back soon and thanks for reading!

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