Healthy Habits To Help Your Hair Grow


Having a stunted hair growth is frustrating, when the length and volume of your hair remains the same despite the amount of time and products you invest in to remedy the situation.

Before you take drastic measures and chopping to start a new growth, you should find out if your lifestyle habits might be sabotaging your efforts. Stress and smoking are some of the habits that are bad for your hair.

For stronger and healthier hair, your overall health needs to be good since the condition of your hair could be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. Here are the healthy habits to help your hair grow.

Minimize breakage

Split ends and other forms of hair breakage could be the impediment to you having long luscious hair. You will notice the difference in your hair growth once you find ways to deal with split ends.

The key to avoid breakages is to keep your hair well moisturized and never combing it when it’s wet. Make sure your hair products reach to the tip of your hair follicles since neglect makes them dry and prone to breaking. Using a silk pillow over a cotton one when sleeping because silk has a higher moisture retention than cotton.

Alternatively, you can wear a head scarf when going to bed to lock in all the moisture.

Trim split ends

Trimming your split ends could boost your hair growth in the long term. This is because split ends break off making your hair shaft shorter so you could as well take matters into your own hands, only that in this case you choose where the breakage happens.

Avoid manipulating your hair too much

Constantly manipulating your hair can do more harm than good. Your hair needs to be allowed time to grow without frequent manipulation.

Whenever you can, give it a day or two to rest during which you don’t comb, style or brush it. Avoid styles that will cause damage to the roots such as tight braids or any hairdo that requires excessive application of heat and go for low manipulation hairstyles such as weaves. You can also have Spiral Curlers No Heat hair styles instead.

Use a conditioner

Condition your hair immediately after washing it to prevent it from drying. Shampoos contain chemicals that help in removal of dirt from your scalp and hair but which also leave them dry and bereft of important nutrients.

That’s why you need to immediately apply a hair conditioner immediately after washing to these lost nutrients. Additionally, conditioning the hair also seals the cuticles and replaces fats and proteins inside the hair shaft as well.

Eat healthy

The importance of a well-balanced for hair growth cannot be gainsaid. Your hair needs nutrients to grow and these nutrients come from the food you eat. You also need to keep yourself hydrated if you are to expect a faster hair growth.

Make sure your meals have the recommended portions of carbs, proteins, and fruits and vegetables.

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