Top 5 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover Tips

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Are you putting off kitchen work and repairs because you think you can’t afford them? Well, we’ll show you you’re wrong. Our top five budget-friendly kitchen makeover tips prove that a homeowner doesn’t need loads of money to give their kitchen a new look.

1. Buy New Faucets For The Sink

You don’t need to change the entire sink – just buying new faucets can bring a ton of value and truly modernize a kitchen.

With the added functionality of detachable faucet heads and hoses and new designs and tones, the relatively cheap prospect of adding a top rated kitchen faucet to your sink is a great one.

If that turns out not to be enough, though, you could get a new sink – there are many reasonably priced options. Kitchen sink installations vary according to design, manufacturer, and style, but involve some light plumbing and hand tool use for the most part. A new sink can create a dramatic new look without ruining you financially.

2. Mosaic Tiles

A creative mosaic tile project will add detail, beauty, and personality to any kitchen. While many prefabricated backsplash materials can be expensive, laying the tiles out is not, and it is also not difficult – as you buy tile on large sheets, you can cut the mesh backing on the sheets to line counters and cabinets with tiles.

Tiles vary based on shape and material, with variations like metallic or glass tiles built in for emphasis. You can go for contract or match the existing look of your kitchen. If this seems like too much work, though, there is an even simpler and cheaper option.

Make your tiles sparkle by cleaning the grout between them thoroughly and then brightening them up with special grout paint. The subtle, simple lines between tiles may seem harmless, but the change is remarkably easy to appreciate.

Once you’ve cleaned the tiles of grout, just apply grout paint with a toothbrush, making sure to clean any excess paint that gets on the tiles. 

3. Stainless or Faux Steel For Countertops  

A great, budget-friendly idea involves replacement countertops made of stainless steel. To do this, you’ll need to measure the countertop sizes and get a metal fabrication shop to cut the respective size of stainless steel to fit your countertops.

This isn’t as expensive as it may sound – you’ll pay 400 dollars tops. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need to have the edges turned down to provide a smoother look and avoid sharpness (important for safety reasons).

Alternatively, you could opt for faux steel. This is available in your local store as well as online, and can be cut to specific shapes for your appliances.

You’ll need a pencil, a pair of scissors, a ruler, a sharp knife, a squeegee, and a hairdryer to apply the material. Before you start, clean the surface area of your appliance well, and then take care to remove any residual cleaning chemicals to prevent bubbles from forming.

You apply the film by peeling the backing off slowly. Smoothen the material down as you go along. The overlap of edges should be one-inch max. It can be removed using a sharp knife.

4. Cabinet Doors Pre-Cut For Glass

Get some of these for a beautiful new DIY glass cabinet or several. You’ll also need a drill, caulk, sandpaper, glass and glass clip. To buy the right size of glass, go to a local store like Home Depot and ask them to cut custom glass pieces for you.

The fasteners can be bought there as well. With the cabinet door face down, place a thin layer of caulk around the frame, where your glass will be fixed.

Now, just put the glass in place. Make sure you wipe any excess caulk from the glass right away. After it dries, attach your fasteners to the back. They shouldn’t be visible from the front of the cabinet. The last step is attaching the cabinet door to the hinges.

5. Chalkboard

Chalkboards are very cheap, yet have the potential to give your kitchen a brand new look. You can also use chalkboard paint to create different designs and mount a shelf or rail for the chalk.  

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