Tips and Tricks for Maintaining A Clean House

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Maintaining a clean house can be difficult task especially if you have a demanding job and you are always returning home worn out with nothing in your mind but food and sleep.

However, you still need to keep a tidy. A clean house minimizes your risk of contracting diseases besides providing an environment you can relax in after a hectic day. In fact, cleaning your house might just be what you need after a particularly awful day since cleaning up your house can improve your mood.

The secret to keeping a tidy house is to not to neglect your cleaning responsibilities for so long that your house turns into a jungle complete with bugs. Dirt accumulates when you don’t tidy up your house regularly which makes you feel overwhelmed and dread the day you finally have to clean it up. Do it daily and in small bits and you won’t have to plan for a major clean up that is often too tiring.

Here are the tips to maintaining a clean house.

Top bottom approach

You need to do everything else before using your vacuum cleaner from Vacuummania.Com. Vacuum cleaning should be last thing you do in your cleaning plan. This is to avoid wiping dust on to carpets and floors that were already cleaned.

Start with the ceiling, down to the walls and finally to the walls when doing a thorough cleaning of your house. You also have to dust your furniture and clean everything else before you start working on the floor.

The reason for this is walls and furniture accumulate dust and if you clean them after vacuum cleaning then you will have to use the vacuum cleaner again to get rid of the dust that have been shaken down.

Cleaning supplies

You need to have the appropriate cleaning supplies and tools for the various parts of your house if you are to do a stellar job.

To minimize your movements, have a bucket to hold all your supplies so you don’t have to be making short trips in and out of rooms to get cleaning products. This becomes handier if you will be cleaning one room at a time before moving to the next.

Clean your electrical cords

One of the most ignored aspects when cleaning the house is to also clean your electrical cords which can accumulate dust for years without any attention.

To avoid electrical shocks, switch off the supply and dry clean them with a soft piece of cloth. For a net arrangement, group them together with a zip tie neatly tuck them beneath the carpet. 

Leave your shoes at the door

You give yourself extra work by coming into the house with the pair of shoes you have been walking around in all day. Remove your shoes at the doorstep and carry them to the shoerack. If you must have some footwear in the house, then have a pair that you never wear outside the house, preferably a pair of comfortable flip-flops.

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