What Comes Before Business Funding?

Starting a business is undeniably exciting, but it comes with essential meetings and big decisions. No pressure, but the footing you start on  has the ability to make or break what you’re trying to do. Get this wrong, and your business dreams will be down the drain before you know.

Hence why many entrepreneurs look into options like these small business grants to fund early ventures and expansions. All the better for producing quality products which build the right reputation. But, there’s one issue; getting a business loan isn’t easy, especially when you’re starting.

The trouble, is, of course, that you’re an untested investment. You may believe in your pipe dream, but the person offering the loan sees individuals like you every day. If they said yes to every hopeful, they could lose a lot of money.

With that in mind, then, you want to do something which puts you above other contenders. Naturally, you’re bound to think your idea should do that. It’s your baby, after all. But, an investor may not have such strong faith in your brainchild. Instead, consider taking care of the following before applying for monetary help.

Gain a following

You need to show an investor that there’s an audience for your product. As such, you should do what you can to trade and gain custom before even approaching anyone for money. Obviously, you need that funding in hand before you can really get off the ground. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t start selling small amounts beforehand. It’s also worth gaining a decent number of followers on platforms like Twitter. That way, an investor will be able to rest easy you have foundations in place to pay back their money.

Pull a profit


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Admittedly, this isn’t essential. But, you can bet you’ll find it much easier to get a grant if you can pull a profit first. That may send you into fits of panic, but take a deep breath and think about this. Your outgoings are minimal, so it shouldn’t take too many sales to pull a profit. After all, you can’t afford to buy a vast amount of materials, and you certainly aren’t paying anyone else right now. So, even a handful of sales could be enough to tip the scales in your favor. Make sure to keep on top of accounts to prove that profit, and say hello to the loan you’re after.

Create a business persona

This one may seem strange, but it can have as much sway on your success as the above points. Any successful entrepreneur should have a business persona to fall back on. Scatterbrained and ditzy might work among friends, but that won’t cut it if you want to see the money. Instead, you should act like you’re ready to take on the enterprise world. After all, at this stage, the person in question is investing in you as much as your idea. So, prove you’re worth their money by acting professional and ready to rumble.

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