8 Ways To Keep Occupied On A Long Haul Flight


Being on a long haul flight usually means we’re heading off on a great vacation to somewhere exotic or we’re coming home from one. If it’s the former, there’s all the excitement and anticipation of the vacation itself to enjoy. If it’s the latter, then there are the memories of the time away to keep us happy. However, these things can only last for a little while before we start to get bored and restless and still have many hours of traveling left ahead of us. Here are some great ways to keep occupied on a long haul flight.

Take A Walk

As strange as it may seem, taking a walk up and down the aisles when you’re flying can really help shake off the boredom. You can chat to other passengers (although don’t wake anyone up if they’re asleep!) and find out where they’re going when they land and what they’re hoping to do. You can talk to the cabin crew too if they’re not busy and that’s always interesting because they have traveled to many different places.

Even if you don’t end up speaking to anyone, moving around is still a good idea. It ensures that your circulation keeps flowing well and prevents any blood clots from forming which is a real risk on long-haul flights.

Watch A Movie

Many long-haul flights will use airplanes with screens mounted on the backs of the chair in front – gone are the days when there was a large screen at the front of the plane that was hard to see and that you couldn’t ignore if you just wanted to sleep! These screens will have a number of different channel options from TV to movies to the radio, and you can while away the hours using it. If you’re on a 10-hour flight, for example, you could watch three or four movies or so, depending on how long they are. For some people that’s ideal, and they will quite happily plug in their earphones and enjoy their ‘cinematic’ experience.

It is the ideal time to catch up on all the most recent movies as these are the ones that tend to be showing, although you might be able to find some older ones too; it will depend on the airline and the availability of the films.

Get Some Work Done

It sounds rather dull, but sometimes work still has to be done even if you are going on vacation. If you didn’t quite get to finish that last project or document when you were in the office, or if you’re self-employed and you’re not switching off entirely during your time away, the plane ride is the perfect time to do it. You’ll have room to get your laptop or tablet out and finish things off or contact some of the people who have got in touch asking for prices and so on. You’ll feel glad you got it done, and it will take up a few hours of the flight; that’s one less job you’ll need to do when you land, and you can start enjoying your vacation right away!

Listen To Music

You can choose to listen to your own pre-made playlists on your smartphone or use the radio on the plane itself to listen to music. Sit back, close your eyes, and just let the music relax you. Before you know it, you’ll be landing. Music truly does make the time fly by! Alternatively, you can listen to music while moving around the plane, or when completing puzzles and so on. It’s good to have some soothing sounds in your ears no matter what you’re doing.


Reading a book or a magazine, or switching on your e-reader is another excellent way to spend your time when you’re traveling a long distance on a plane. Whether you’re an avid reader and you try to turn a few pages every day, or you’ve been so busy you haven’t read anything for months, it doesn’t matter. There is something truly comforting about being able to sit in peace and read, but the key is to pick a book or other reading material that you’re going to be able to stick with for the long haul (literally).

One great tip is to find books about the place you’re traveling to so that you have an idea of what to expect when you get there, or so that you can learn more about the history and culture of your destination.

Go Online

Most flights will have WiFi these days, even if you have to pay for it. That’s great news for those who want to go online for their entertainment. There are many ways to keep occupied by going online including browsing the shopping sites or playing online games like bingo; you can learn more about top bingo sites here. Remember that you’ll need to switch off your phone or tablet during landing and takeoff, so make sure you’re able to do so without losing whatever it was you were doing.


Many of us don’t get enough sleep in our normal working lives. After all, there’s too much to do and too much on our minds. So when you’re on a long flight and there isn’t much you need to worry about anymore, you can catch up on some of that lost sleep. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is, sleeping on a plane is the best way to arrive at your destination feeling more awake and refreshed, energized to start your vacation the right way.

Write Something

Writing is a great way to pass the time as before you know it an hour will have gone by as you’ve been putting your thoughts down on paper. You can start a travel journal, perhaps, detailing your experiences leading up to your flight, and then you can continue this throughout your vacation, or you can write a short story or maybe even the start of a novel. Write poetry. Write a letter. Write anything at all and time will fly by.

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