5 Ways to Travel Stress-Free with Kids


While you might be excited for a vacation with the family, you are probably dreading the thought of traveling with children, especially if they are young. Not only will you need to ensure you have every suitcase, passport, and airline ticket, but you may need to entertain bored, restless, or energetic children during a flight. Improve the experience by reading the five ways to travel stress-free with kids.

  • Fly Early

No-one wants to be stuck at an airport with children. Unfortunately, the later you fly, the more likely you are to experience a frustrating flight delay, and it can happen for both short and long-haul flights. It might, therefore, be wise to fly to a destination as early as possible. Not only are you less likely to experience a flight delay, but the airport and plane may also be less crowded. If, however, you do experience a delay, you should learn more about flight claims because you may be entitled to compensation.

  • Avoid Air Pressure by Drinking Water

Air pressure can cause much discomfort and pain to some children during a flight. Ensure they have a smooth journey by encouraging your kids to drink some water prior to take off, and they should drink some 30 to 45 minutes before descent. It can also help your children to feel more energetic and can fight jetlag if on a long-haul flight.

  • Download Movies and TV Shows onto a Mobile Device

Keep your kids entertained by downloading many movies or TV shows onto a mobile device, such as a tablet computer or smartphone. Doing so will allow the hours to quickly pass them by, so they will reach a destination before they realize. If traveling with more than one child, buy a headphone splitter so they can watch the movie or show together.

  • Seat Children Away from the Aisle

Seating children in the aisle can be dangerous. Not only will you want to prevent them from getting out of their seat, but you also will want to prevent them from being knocked by passing food and beverage carts or being hurt by falling cups of hot coffee or tea. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince children to sit near a window seat, as they will almost certainly want to peer out the window throughout the journey.

  • Dress Your Children in Layers

Temperatures can change dramatically during a flight. One minute a child might be warm and the next they could be freezing cold. That is why you should consider dressing your kids in comfortable layers, so they can quickly warm up or cool down; for example, they can wear a t-shirt, jumper, and jacket. Also, avoid anything with buttons, as this could potentially prevent your child from getting to the bathroom at the right time. Airport security might also encourage you to be as quick as possible, so eliminate stress by ensuring your children wear slip-on shoes rather than laces. It can eliminate stress and will ensure you all have a more enjoyable experience.

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