Jenny Life Has Made it Easier to Buy Life Insurance

This is a sponsored post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.


As busy moms, checking into life insurance is probably the last thing on our minds. I mean, come on, you need to first find a price quote on the Internet, wait for someone to call to schedule a medical exam, then find time to go, where you then get a blood test and give them a urine sample, then, answer a bunch of questions, then wait several weeks to find out if you are accepted or not.

I’m already tired just thinking about it.

But if there was an easier way to get life insurance that worked with my busy lifestyle as a mom and business owner, I would be there in an instant!

Enter,  Jenny Life. A Seattle-based team of insurance specialists and software engineers found a way to build a much better process. They came up with a mobile application that works on Apple or Android, that allows you to get a quote and apply for life insurance in a few minutes. Get this, it’s entirely EXAM-FREE! Screen-Shot-2018-03-07-at-11.59.30-AM

Although Jenny Life works for anyone, it was built specifically with moms in mind. I love it!

“Over 60 percent of mothers don’t have life insurance and we view this as a public policy issue,” said Chirag Pancholi, co-founder of Jenny Life. This company wanted to make it super simple for moms to access life insurance. “We believe that accessibility is the number one reason so many moms don’t have mortality protection to cover their children and household and we felt certain we could help change that.”

The Jenny Life is available in 48 states (not Montana or New York, yet). Just download the app and get a quote.  You can find the app in AppStore, Google Play, or links are available via the website at

Have you tried the Jenny Life app yet?

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