Best Ways to Build More Muscle


Building muscle isn’t only going to benefit the way that you look at the beach; it is also a great way to stay lean and healthy as you get older, when weight loss becomes increasingly more difficult. But what are the best methods for gaining strength, and what is considered the fastest way to gain muscle? Continue reading to access a few helpful tips.

Do Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are able to work multiple joints at the same time. So, for example, you might do some squats, rows, pullups, presses, and deadlifts. These workouts will use a lot of muscles, so you can train efficiently and save time, while also releasing hormones that could help increase muscle growth. To up the intensity, you could even combine exercises, so you might do a squat and lift dumbbells over your head to target your shoulders at the same time.  

Train for an Hour

You don’t need to train for a long time to get great results when you are trying to build more muscle. In fact, experts advise working out for about 60 minutes to reach your muscle building goals. As long as you are working out at a high intensity, you could put in an hour of exercise time to build muscle effectively. Focus on your form throughout your workout routine, and take short periods of rest in between sets to keep things safe.  

Don’t Neglect Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are those that will use your body’s own weight to build more strength. This is a great workout strategy for those who want to build muscles that will be long and lean. Try workouts like planks, pushups, squats, and lunges, as a few examples. You might be surprised by how effective these exercises are, but as you progress, you could add some weight to increase the challenge. So, for example, once you become comfortable with doing lunges without weights, you could hold a pair of light dumbbells to up the intensity. Plus, these workouts are easy to do anywhere, including at home and while you are traveling, as you don’t need to worry about having access to heavy weights or expensive gym equipment to build more muscle.

Get More Rest

Sure, working out at the gym or at home using weights and your own body weight are necessary steps that you need to take if you want to build more muscle. But did you know that getting enough rest is also an important step in gaining strength? To grow your muscles, you absolutely need to give your body enough time to recover, and you can do that by getting more sleep. Even just 30 extra minutes of sleep could be really beneficial, so try to hit the sack a little earlier at night, and aim to get around eight hours of sleep every night.

By following the tips above, you might just find that your exercise routine can be taken to new heights. Making a few changes to the way that you train every day could help you build more muscle efficiently, and you will love the way that your body looks and feels.

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