Most Popular Themes for Kids’ Birthday Parties


Themes make up the ambience and they will make the party a wild success if you pull them off correctly and that is the reason why we need to know what they have to offer. You will find that kids have things that they have fallen in love with and you can start from there.

They may not have any interests that may constitute an opinion that may guide you on the path you need to take when you want to choose a theme. That is why you will find that there is a reason for you to get to know what you can use when you want to plan this kind of thing.

When you want to have the best birthday party entertainment in Sydney you can select different themes.

What You Need to Consider When Picking a Theme

There are things that you will need to keep in mind when you are picking the theme that you want to go with and that is the reason why we have a small list here. Themes are not picked randomly but with careful analysis of how they will work.

  • Kid’s Interests

Children develop interests that are based on things that they see and sometimes they are based on what they find most alluring. With this in mind, you need to know if the kind likes to be a pirate or a princess. That way, you can choose the themes that are more suited to interest.

  • Popularity

A good party according to the children of the world is the one that every other kid will be talking about and mentioning for a while after it is over. That is the reason why you need to pick a theme that is popular. One that the kids will freak out over.

  • Season

Let us say for example that you have picked Disney’s Frozen to be the one that will be used as the theme. This will mean some wintry weather and ambience is in order. If the kid was born in winter, you can use this one as it most suits the occasion not to mention how popular it is.

  • Age and Gender

This is something that a lot of people will not look at that keenly. That is the reason why you are told to be very careful with what you do. Make sure that you have chosen something that suits the kid. Don’t pick the Cinderella theme for a boy; he will hate it unless he is young, see what I mean?

  • Affordability

Can you afford the theme that the kid has asked for or the one that you saw and liked? This is the question that you will need to answer before you get the theme. That is the reason why you have to know what it costs.

When you look at all these things that I have mentioned here, they will give you a clear indication of the direction that you can take. There is so much that will need to be done and you cannot overlook anything at all.

Some of the Themes That Work For Kids’ Parties

There are several that I have seen but these ones that I am about to mention are the ones that have been successful when it comes to kids’ parties.

  • LEGO Party

This is a theme that has been very well received by children who want to have fun. From these pieces, they can build anything and that is the reason why a party that has been themed with LEGO will work so well. The recent LEGO Batman movie was awesome.

If you pick this as a theme, you will have them hooked.

  • Moana Theme/ Water Based Theme

The recent Disney hit Moana had children singing the theme song for a long time and doing reruns of this animation for hours on end. With the richly developed and likeable characters, you can have this as the theme and it will work very well for you.

They can dress up and have pure fun when they have this kind of theme to refer to. Any marine based theme with known characters will do the trick here.

  • Forest and Woodland Themes

These ones will create an ambiance that is so natural and calming that you will find it so easy to set up. With the dark trees, the squirrels and the foxes and other creatures that kinds think are adorable, you will have it all here.

  • Star Wars and Star Trek

Is your kid a fan of the space operas and science fiction? Well, this is the thing to do for them. With the so popular characters that have been immortalized in these iconic franchises, you will be able to create something that is so awesome, you will have them screaming with pleasure.

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