4 Hacks to Increase the Value of Your House

increase the value of your house

There comes a time when selling your house and buying a new one is the next step for you and your family to take. Perhaps the thought of moving to a new suburb, town, city, state or even country fills you with adventurous excitement, or maybe you’re bored with your current house and desperately looking to trade your current house for a bigger, more stylish abode. Whatever drives your desires, you need to stop, take a deep breath and think the process you need to undergo.

Most people will want to sell their house for more than they bought it for, and so looking for ways to improve and increase the value of your house is vital. While your house may have already gone up in value, unless you need to uproot quickly due to job prospects, you should play the long game and come up with simple changes that’ll bring in a bigger profit. When it comes to selling your house, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. For ways to drive the value of your house, consider the following hacks.

Repair Structural Problems

Cosmetic improvements are all well and good, but if you ignore any structural issues your house may have, you can kiss any added value goodbye – you may even end up settling far lower than the price you paid. Examples of structural damage you’ll need to repair includes:

  • Structural cracks in walls.
  • Sagging or broken roof.
  • Missing or broken roof tiles.
  • Rotten roof timbers or joists.
  • Damp.
  • An unstable chimney stack.

While repairing structural problems are costly in both time and money, it’ll work out better in the long-run when it comes to putting your property on the market for your desired price. Although you may be able to hide the above problems from potential buyers, you won’t be able to pull the wool over the eyes of a surveyor.

Add Central Heating or Air Conditioning

Adding or updating any central heating or air conditioning systems can bring in a lot of value to your home, and is usually considered an essential to most buyers. Look for a local company to do the work for you; simply type in ‘AC repair near me,’ and consider your options. Ask for the professionals to come over, and have them overlook your property; once you have a selection of quotes, hire the company you trust the most.

Remember Your Front and Back Yard

Many people fall in love with the outside of a property as they drive towards it; therefore, if you want prospective buyers to be hit by the ‘wow’ factor, you should invest in the exterior of your home. Paint the outside, clean the windows, keep the lawn mown and plant flowers which are easy to look after and offer a smattering of color. By simply de-weeding your driveway, putting in pathway lighting and making your own DIY window boxes, you could start a bidding war!

Upgrade the Kitchen and Bathroom

Studies have shown that by adding a new kitchen; you can add an impressive $7000 or so to your home, (that’s approximately £5000 in the UK!). While putting in a kitchen could cost you roughly the same amount, you should look for ways to upgrade without the huge price tag. For instance, if your cupboards are fine, you could repaint them or replace the countertops. If you want a more modern kitchen, then invest in a built-in oven which offers a sleeker design alternative to the traditional oven. When it comes to the bathroom, a new toilet, new tiles or a more modern shower system could be all it takes.

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