7 Smart Ways to Increase Customer Base

building customer base

Do you have a hard time figuring out about how to increase your customer base?

One of key drivers in your company’s value is customers.  Many businesses wonder how to increase their customer base, but it is necessary to stay in constant contact with potential and existing customers. After all, the more value your business can offer, the more likely they will remain loyal.

A 5% increase in customer retention can result in a 75% increase in customer value.

So, with that, the next step is to figure out how to increase customers for more sales. This doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, if you are smart about it, increasing your customer base is a simple task. Below are 7 smart ways to increase your customer base.

1. Offer a free newsletter

Free is something that everyone can afford, from small businesses to global corporations. By offering a free newsletter, you are letting your potential customers know that you are willing to give away information right from the start. Good content means customers will know more about your business.

2. Give excellent customer support and service

Treat each customer with respect and take appropriate action. A happy customer will tell at least three friends about what a positive experience and great customer service they had.

3. Keep your website content fresh

Everyone loves fresh and informative content. Keeping your blog or website up to date is one of the main elements that pull in new visitors. Fresh content will also help your website be found in search engines.

4. Track customer behavior

Keeping track of user behavior and user engagement helps with customer growth. Create a more engaging customer onboarding experience for every customer with guided product tours teach users how to adopt relevant features, behavior and demographics.

5. Promote your business on social media networks

After you create new content, or launch a new product, be sure you share this across all the social media channels that work for you. Social media is one of the top traffic building sources in marketing.

6. Look for partnerships with other businesses

Your ideal customer will already have relationships with other businesses. So, by partnering with other businesses which offer complementary services, you can  reach a new audience and potentially more customers.

7. Adapt as your business grows

It’s important to keep trying new ways of reaching your audience and think outside of the box. As your company becomes more established, you may find your customers come from different sources.

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