How ‘In-Sync’ Is Your Business?



How synchronized is your business? Do all departments function together well? Are all staff on the same page? A good way of measuring this is to identify how often your general goals come to fruition, and what troubleshooting you need to do to get there. If you find that your staff are often confused about the minutiae of the task in front of them, or that challenges in miscommunication seem to happen quite frequently, you might benefit from making a few changes in this regard.

How can you do this? Well, there are many methods of doing so. Some of the best methods are as follows:


Staff must all be on the same page if they’re to work well at all. No team can function without a singular pursuit, meaning that it’s important your staff understand what they need to do. Ideally, they should also understand how their role impacts other roles around them, so they can prioritize which tasks to complete during a complex project. This means investing heavily in staff training. It also means taking care of little details, such as having them all turn up for work during similar or overlapping times. Of course, in an office environment it’s likely that the entire staff will adhere to a general 9-5 working schedule. Not all businesses respond to this timeframe however.

It could be that you’re involved in manufacturing, hospitality, a dedicated service industry or a business within the wide range of oddly-timed shift pattern requirements. If this sounds like your business, perhaps optimizing staff communication means putting similar departments on the same shift patterns. It could mean overlapping shifts so certain personnel have time to communicate to each other the responsibilities and changes of that day before the finished staff member heads home. Your staff are the nodes of productivity that your business needs to function in any capacity at all, so it pays to ensure they are able to communicate through presence.

Of course, this is not the only way of communicating. It could be that your general efforts towards synchronizing your firm would be best applied by ensuring that everyone has access to instant messaging software. Using a suite such as Google Hangouts, Skype, a more dedicated in-house VoIP and IM software package or even a public social media offering, your firm will come together in speedy communication and benefit as a result. Just be sure you localize all messages in way that allows people to send both emails and IM, as the two serve very different purposes. Also, perhaps it might be wise to use a suite that allows you, the boss, to oversee these communications. Without intruding on the general privacy of the staff, sometimes an indexed search can allow you to gauge if the staff understand a task and its deadline before an error makes itself known.


Almost all productive work takes place on a terminal in the modern day. This is why many staff members have their own office space with a computer. It’s almost impossible to evade the use of internal computing services like this, so it pays to ensure it’s optimized. First of all, ensuring you do not cut costs regarding your IT setup is the best way to minimize issues. You don’t want to experience the entire downfall of a department simply because their IT systems weren’t functioning as well as they could be.

It’s important that all staff, especially staff collaborating on an important project, all have the ability to share working documents well. Better yet, working in synchronicity on the same file at one time is even better. This allows employees to highlight, make edits, add notes, allow demonstrations and show each other through the ideas they hold. Using a form of Office 360 cloud software can help you achieve this immediately, allowing for a solid backbone of continually communication and collaborating no matter what task you assign.

We’ve all heard the term ‘two head are better than one.’ and with a digital work space that the appropriate employees have access to, you are making this a reality for your employees. The best ideas are often in competition, and when they are in the similar, in sync space such as this, those ideas compete and usually the superior ones win. This is the entire reason why you hold meetings. The rapidity of conversation and collaboration rests on the idea of mutual instant communication, the ability to inject a thought into the dialogue with no restraint. A digital work space is like allowing for hundreds of mini-meetings between important employees on a daily basis. It’s not hard to see how this can improve the quality and efficiency of your completed tasks.

Goals & Vision

It’s important for all employees to work under one vision. This ‘company goal’ or ‘mission statement’ is often the underpinning for the whole enterprise. This allows staff to know the ideal you are heading towards, which always gives them an orientation to look for. From there, they can then frame the general tasks of their daily working life within that. It’s important for these guidelines to exist, because not only do they motivate and make clear your vision to staff, but they allow everyone to be on the same page.

This can work in a variety of small, unexpected ways also. For example, let’s say you have a firm which prides itself on its smart casual and informal dress code. This can lessen the tension in an office, but it can also make people feel more like ‘individuals’ and not part of a cohesive team from a subconscious perspective. By ensuring your entire staff knows the updated and continually defined policies in your firm, everyone is on the same page mentally. This requires continual training and the ability to develop a solid and cohesive game plan (it might even allow for smaller, different visions between departments,) but on the whole the effort you place here will be repaid ten times over.

With these tips, your staff are sure to enjoy a wonderful and synchronized working life, benefiting your firm to no end..

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