Who Are You? But More Importantly – How Are You?

be happy


In the fight to achieve things in your daily life, attend to all of your responsibilities, and enjoy the recreational time you have, focusing on your life is important. The daily struggle of trying to achieve things in your life often means refining your identity to a point where there is a payoff. For example, pursuing your professional reputation in a big to potentially net better job roles and earn higher paychecks. It might be pursuing your art in an almost obsessive manner in order to provide something worthwhile and wonderful to the people you might appreciate you.

The struggle for identity is real, and makes up most of our daily quest for satisfaction. In this endless pursuit to try and define who you are, it’s easy to forget to attend to how you are. This second consideration must be taken into account if you’re to have any success in your general life ambitions. After all, a vehicle will not work if the engine and the steering systems are faulty. You are much more worthy and complex than a car, so you can see how the small problems can lead into bigger issues which compile and amplify.

Of course, you are never going to be one hundred percent emotionally clean. That would take away the normal progression of life, and your genuine emotional reactions to things. Being Happy with a capital H is not necessarily being happy one hundred percent of the time. It takes the sad processing of events to sometimes become able to move through them. It might just be you have an awful day emotionally as an anomaly, and that’s okay too. However, if things persistently come up that you struggle with, and it affects your life, relationships or goals regularly, then it needs improving. Seeking counselling is the best method of doing that to begin with.

Counselling is not force feeding you with medications, extracting the deepest and darkest memories you have, or anything like that. It’s simply, for the most part, a talking therapy. The act of speaking your issues makes them real, and helps organize your thoughts, which can be profoundly useful. It pays to know how to pick your counselling program as many different services can be offered with somewhat different results. For the most part though, simply having the guts to begin a program like this can infuse your world with new meaning, as positive emotion is strongly tied to being better at feeling like you’re making progress.

It also pays to organize your thoughts in the form of a journal. This gives you the space and reflection necessary to begin organizing your world in a way that makes the most sense to you. It might be that through free form writing, a memory is prominent more often than not. This often leads you to understanding that there might be some thread worth pursuing there. It might help you move through something. For the most part, it might help you experience it and rationalise it correctly for your own mental health.

There are many mental issues that can afflict you, but also a huge amount of possible solutions that can be found. If you have the option to, sometimes helping yourself in this regard is the first step. You have more power than you know, so be sure to try and uncover it.

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