7 Ways Solar Power Can Transform your Home

putting solar panels on to save money

Solar energy tapped from the sun via solar panels is a major source of green energy. The use of solar power presents a huge opportunity for households, businesses and institutions to establish sustainable as well as renewable sources of power. However, just like any other addition to your household or business, you will incur an initial cost of getting the solar power system. But once it is installed, there are numerous way you can use your solar power including:


  • Heating swimming pools


For most people, swimming pools come in handy during summer. Everyone feels happy spending time in the pool during this season to cool off amidst the hot weather that characterizes the summer season. However, once summer passes and the cold seasons begin to set off, it becomes impossible to enjoy a good swim due to dropping temperatures. To keep enjoying your time in the swimming pool, you can opt to add a solar-powered blanket to your pool water to keep it warm. The powering system in the solar blanket works without requiring installation of other devices. However, for better experience, you may opt to add a solar-powered hot water system.  


  • Powering ventilation


What if the sun could power the different fans you have in your home? Often, we need fans to keep the air circulating in our homes for purposes of making our spaces comfortable, control smell and remove moisture. Often, powering the heating and cooling systems can push your utility bills to unwanted levels. Opting for fans that are solar powered can help you optimize the on your energy sources while significantly reducing your utility bills.


  • Heating Water


Solar energy can be used to power heating systems in the home rather than using electric heaters and gas. Compared to replacing outdated heating systems or air conditioning units solar water systems are ultimately a cheaper option of heating water in your home. Also you can heat water using sun heated tubes on your roof then pump it to your water heater to heat your home. If you have solar room, it’s even better because the daytime sunshine can pass through the transparent glass. To heat your entire home using solar energy, you need to install a pump connected to your power supply to push the water round the house.


  • Charging Batteries


Batteries can replace electricity connections in powering electric appliances in the home. Using solar energy, you can charge your batteries then use the energy stored in them to light your home, power water pumps, sump pumps and even ceiling fans. Battery chargers can also power other batteries in the home including video game batteries. This can significantly reduce the cost of energy in your home because all you need to do is to charge the batteries during the day and the energy is stored for use at night.


  • Lighting the home


Solar energy can be used to power homes and the system that is required to do is not really complex. To tap into solar energy, you need to install solar panels. These panels gather sunlight then convert it to electricity. The direct current is transmitted to an inverter that further transforms it into AC power that runs the home. By using transfer switches and other devices, you can be able to light your entire home using clean, renewable energy.


  • Preparing food


With advancements in electric technology, it is possible to cook food using solar power. It has even become much easier and less costly to cook using solar energy that with traditional energy sources. You can prepare food on sunny days using a simple solar oven that is prepared using low cost materials. To do this, you’ll need a box, a cooking bag, aluminum foil, Styrofoam insulation, thermometer and a duct tape to set up the solar oven. The oven is then placed outside, in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight. When you place your raw food in the solar oven, it will start cooking within no time.


  • Outdoor lighting


Everyone wants their outdoor space to be well lit during the night for many reasons, including security. Good outdoor lighting enables you to have a clear view of where walkway spaces are located during the night and also deters any unwanted guests. Using electricity to light your outdoor space and keep security lights on throughout the night can cause your utility bills to go up. Solar energy provides a great solution to this problem. When you opt for solar lighting, your outdoor lighting gets powered by the batteries that get charged by solar panels throughout the day. Once you have the solar panels installed, your batteries will get charged at no cost. This can significantly reduce the cost of outdoor lighting significantly since all you have to do is ensure that the system is properly maintained.

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