What Essentials Should You Pack for Your Camping Trip

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When thinking about your next vacation, there may be a few options. You could go to a beach somewhere, take a plane to another country, or perhaps go skiing in the mountains. However, one of the most fun things, especially with kids is to go camping. Though it might seem a little basic and too close to nature for some, there is a huge amount you can do and learn about the world around you. Packing for such an adventure is part of the fun, though you need to pack the right things if you are going to have the best time. Here are a few tips on packing for the perfect camping trip.

Food and Drink

Depending on where you are going to be staying for your camping trip, you will need to take some supplies with you. Though you will probably be grabbing all types of food to take along with you, you need to think about what you will take with regards to fluids. You will need to take water, but you also need to take other things, or you might soon get bored with water all the time. Take some concentrated fruit juices with you to use in the water, as well as other drinks including milk if you like your coffee white. When it comes to food, it is important that you pack things that you know you can cook. You might not be able to make a four-course dinner, but you should be able to make a few cooked meals. Take some recipes with you when you go, along with the ingredients and give it a try. If you plan to take canned food, remember to take something to open the cans with as well. You would be surprised how many people forget this simple item, or you can take cans with ring pulls.


Unless you are going to be staying at a caravan and camping park, it will be pretty dark at night. You will need to take enough torches and lights to help you see in the dark and to light up the campervan or tent. With the new LED lights, they are far more efficient than the older lights. It means that you will get more light with less power usage than before. Try to take torches that are rechargeable and don’t forget a source for recharging; this can be a solar panel or a generator. The best idea is usually to have one or two main lights in the tent, with some head torches to wear if you need to get up in the night. Head torches are better than handheld because it leaves your hands free to move around and use the toilet. You can also get many other forms of LED camping lights such as string lights that can go around the canopy. They are a great idea for when you want to sit outside in the evenings and enjoy the stars.

Medical Supplies

Having suitable medical supplies is an essential part of any camping trip. You can never have enough supplies, but it is also important to have a varied range as you won’t know what you might encounter. As well as taking plenty of bandages, you should also take sunscreen, after sun in case you get burnt, and antihistamines and painkillers. It is also important to make sure you have enough of any medication that you take regularly. In fact, take more than you need just in case some of it gets damaged or lost. You might be a long way from a medical center, so it is best to be prepared. As well as taking enough supplies, it is also important to know what’s around you. Take some time to research the area before you leave to find out if any particular creatures or insects could cause an issue. It is also important to find out the location of the local doctor or emergency center near where you are. You don’t want to be looking for it should something happen.


Of course, when you go camping, you will most likely be taking a tent with you. Modern designs of the tent are now making it much easier to pitch them and to look after them, but, it is still important to be ready for any issue that crops up. For example, it is a good idea to take some spare parts with you when you go camping. These could be spare tent pegs, guide ropes and if you want to be super organized, a spare tent. Make sure that you examine the tent fully before you travel so that any damage can be repaired in advance. If you are unsure what the terrain will be when you get there, take a variety of tent pegs that are designed for different terrain. You might also want to pack inflatable beds for added comfort on uneven ground.


No one wants to think that anything will happen to them while they are on vacation, though unfortunately, it does happen often. For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure you have great health and travel insurance that will cover you for any area you are visiting. You will be in the country and probably do treks or play games, plus there is wildlife there that you need to be aware of before you go. Things will be made a lot worse if someone gets injured and there is no way to treat them.


Even though you might be camping in a wonderfully hot and sunny place, at night the temperature can plummet which can leave you cold and vulnerable. As well as packing a nice warm sleeping bag, you should also think about packing some form of heater. If you are taking a power generator with you, then you can take an electric fan heater. However, if not, there are a few types that run off butane gas canisters. They are quite efficient and are excellent to warm the tent and the outside if you want to enjoy the evening. While butane burners and electric heaters are more practical, there are other alternatives you can use. There are heat pads that you can break to give you instant heat. These are ideal for inside the sleeping bag or to hold in your hand while outside. Unfortunately, many of them are single use only, but they are good as an emergency measure.


You may think that the expected weather where your camping is good, but you can not always predict what will happen while your there. For this reason, you should pack a variety of clothing that will cover any eventuality. To keep you warm, try to pack layers of clothing instead of one thick item, this will help you to regulate your temperature easily, and it means you can change a layer of they get wet. You also need to have some strong boots for walking in rough terrain. There could be rocky or muddy areas near where your camping, so having the right footwear is essential. You should also pack some efficient waterproofs, even if you are not planning to hike anywhere, it will keep you dry if you need to put the tent up in the rain or go outside at night. Lastly, you will need a hat, in case the sun is strong, and you need some shade. Preferably, you should take a wide-brimmed hat that will cover your face and neck.

Other Essential Items

As well as all these things, there are other items that can become useful and even save your life. Take some strong rope with you; this can be used in many ways, such as a washing line, or perhaps a way of getting to someone if they slide down a bank. Another important item is a whistle; they are good for attracting the attention of people if you become stranded or injured. Ideally, everyone on the trip should have one. Despite modern technology, it can be extremely useful also to take a map of the area. If you lose your phone or it becomes damaged, you won’t have any idea where you are. Bring a map in a waterproof bag with you whenever you leave the campsite. Part of your research before you left should have been to take note of any numbers for the local police and medical departments as well as any ranger stations nearby. These can be helpful if you find yourself lost or if something happens. As with the whistle, make sure every member of the group has a list of the numbers in case of an emergency.

Camping is great fun and can allow you to experience things you won’t see anywhere else. It is also a wild and potentially dangerous place, so you need to be prepared for any eventuality. With some planning and good research, you can make your next camping trip an enormous success.

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