Start Budgeting For January Now

Budgeting over the Christmas period seems counterpoint to what you’re doing. Yet, if you start with it now, you’re going to have a lot more money on the other side in a time of year when business is slow. Just think about how many sales you’re going to be able to flaunt your way down when the bills and groceries are taking care of themselves; if you start planning out your budget now, you can do it in all the style you like. Here’s some tips for you to tide you over until the holiday springs back around.

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Set Yourself Some Rules

Budgeting is all about rules, so if you start writing them out now then you’ll know what to expect from your new living costs in the new year.

We all know it’s hard to stick to a plan from time to time, so making it easier is sometimes a necessary step! Rules are rigid by nature, but they don’t have to be boring, and you can include everyone in your household in the plan. Make a game of it, with a reward at the end for who can spend the least. It’s a little luxury you’ll be allowed to pre plan and give people real incentive for to reach.

Know How to Avoid ‘Unnecessary Purchasing’

December is one month in which overspending is often normalized, but for the rest of the year you shouldn’t stick to this habit. Getting back into routine in January means no unnecessary purchasing, like those extra tins of chocolate you know you didn’t need!

We see something we want and 90% of the time, we grab it off the shelf! You need to immediately stop if you find yourself reaching out for something! So a little bit of discipline will be good here, as making sure you don’t plan in any weekend trips or morning coffees from the shop down the road will leave you with anywhere from $10 to $100s at the end of a week.

Even if you have found yourself overdoing it on the New Year’s party, and now you’re stuck in a bit of rut, the most important thing is not to panic! You’ve got this; if you need more money until payday (considering the holiday usually means we didn’t work), you can check out New Loans site to get a sizeable whilst manageable amount of cash at short notice.

Sell Off Your Unwanted Gifts

It’s not too nice to think about, but selling off the gifts someone gave you in good conscience but bad taste is a great way to bring in a little more cash. Let’s face it, you never would have used them and now they’re going on to someone who will. Put them online for an easy and quick sale, and to garner a lot of interest. This is usually the best way, as charity shops don’t tend to pay for the items you can donate to them!

Make January less cold on living costs!

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