I Want A New Start

There are moments in life when everything feels wrong. You’ve got the impression that you don’t belong in your life anymore. You don’t recognize yourself or your surroundings. More importantly, you can’t help but wonder how you got there and why you haven’t changed a since to escape your unsatisfying routine. Whether it’s the job that drives your mad, your relationship that doesn’t work, or maybe your bad habits that are getting out of hand, there’s no need to deny it any longer. When things don’t work the way you wish, it’s natural to dream of a fresh start. You know the sort, the end game and start again option that everybody needs in life. While, to continue the gaming metaphor, you may not have the option with the all the cheats  _ the famous god mode game where it’s impossible to lose – you can always walk out of a situation you dislike and take a fresh start. After all, if life is a big journey, you’re the one behind the wheel. You can choose where the journey will take you. But admittedly this leaves another question open: How do you make room for a new start? A new start means the end of something else, and, as always, it can be difficult to bring a previous situation to its natural conclusion while creating the opportunity you need to move in a new direction. Here are a few tips to guide you through some of life’s biggest changes.

lifestyle change

Start fresh in a new home

Change of career

How do you feel getting up in the morning to go to work? Tired? Would you rather stay in bed? To be honest, if given a choice most people would rather spend a lazy day at home than work. But what it’s not the prospect of having some quality family time but simply the fear of getting back to the office that drives your choice? A lot of people are in a career they dislike. And hundreds of thousands of them wonder if they’ve made the right professional decision for their future. If you’re wondering too, there are signs that your career is wrong for you. In fact, listening to your body should give you the cue you need. If you’re feeling constantly exhausted and worn out, it’s an indication that your body can’t handle the daily stress and misaligned work anymore – although there may be other reasons too such as an illness or difficult personal circumstances. You can’t find any consolation in the paycheck because it doesn’t provide compensation for the boredom and emptiness you feel. Finally, you may feel that your skills are misused, or not even tapped into. However, because you switch career, you may want to grab yourself the education you need for a smooth transfer. Don’t just resign and hope for the best. Sign up for the most relevant online courses for your situation instead. Make sure to get the accreditation you need before you start applying for a new position.

Change of location

What if you are falling out of love with your location? Whether it’s the weather, or the lack of opportunities, it’s not uncommon for people to move to a new place to make a fresh start in life. If this is the case, you will probably need to look for options to be applying for a mortgage, which means that you need to take the cost of moving and living in a new place in consideration when it comes to budget for repayment. However, if you can plan your move, you might be able to save a lot of money on new furniture, especially if you aim for the sale season, or even better ask for Satan to bring you funky decorative presents for your new home. However, don’t decide to move out without a plan. Take your time to find the best option for you.

Change of relationship

It’s nearly 2018. Relationships have evolved a lot, and genders have now equal rights in terms of work opportunities, studies, and access social standards. So, it’s time to get rid of the last traditional behaviors and to make a bold move if you want to move your relationship to the next step. How about proposing to your boyfriend? It might be scary, but in a society of equal rights; there is nothing that stops a woman from taking the first step.

If you want to ask his parents as he would yours, you could take a spin on the tradition and ask his mother for her approval. You might not need an engagement ring, but you can replace it with another piece of jewelry that he can wear every day, such as cufflinks or a nice chain bracelet for example.

change your life

Propose to him

Change of  habits

What if you find that your life is not reflecting who you want to be? You can train yourself to develop healthy habits and get rid of harmful ones, for instance. It takes time, but if you introduce new habits in a playful way, such as a 30-day challenge, for instance, you might be surprised by your ability to adapt. Which new habits do you need in your life? Exercising, positive thinking and kindness are simple things that can go a long way. If you’re prone to stress, try single-tasking instead of multi-tasking too. It will create a more mindful approach to your work.

Discover a new passion

You can’t live a happy life without a passion. Every day appears dull and empty when there’s nothing to be excited about. So give yourself the gift of passion and get out of the monotony of the routine. Try something new: The more you open yourself to new experiences, the easier it’ll be to find something you like. Or maybe you could try something that you were not good at and tweak a little your approach. The world is full of passions. Maybe it’s all it takes to bring back the sparkle of excitement to your life. So keep your eyes open and rediscover your surroundings.

From a new job to a new passion, which steps are you ready to take to find your new start?

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