8 Ways That You Can Live Green


In order to enjoy a responsible life, it is vital that you do everything in your power to take care of the environment. Going green is a fantastic way for you to feel better about the impact that you have on the world around you. It is also a great opportunity for you to save money, protect your health, and improve your overall quality of life. Even if you are already an eco-warrior, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to do your bit. Below are eight ways that you can live green.  

Hire a green cleaning service

Instead of using toxic chemicals to clean your home, you should consider hiring a green cleaning service. What better way for you to protect the health of you and your loved ones? This is an especially important step to take if you are raising a young family, as many conventional household cleaning chemicals pose a significant risk to children. There is no need for you to take this risk, as you can hire a service that relies on products made from organic essential oils and natural ingredients.  

Create your own energy

Another option is to create your own energy. This should allow you to cut the costs of your monthly bills, at the same time as lessening your negative impact on the environment. One of the easiest ways for you to do this is by installing solar panels. You can call in the experts, or you can take matters into your own hands. If you are worried about the initial cost, just remember that it won’t be long before you begin to reap the financial benefits. You might even get to a point where you can become entirely self-sufficient or sell on your excess energy.

Think about your produce

You should also think carefully about where you are getting your food from. Whenever possible, you should try to purchase locally grown produce. This will provide you with the opportunity to support your local farms. You can also feel safe in the knowledge that your produce hasn’t been flown halfway around the world to end up on your plate. If you want to take matters even further, you could also have a go at growing your own food. This is a brilliant excuse for you and your loved ones to spend more time in the open air. It is also a great way for you to take pride in the meals that you are creating.


In order to go green, you will have to embrace the mantra: reduce/reuse/recycle. Firstly, you should evaluate every purchase that you make and decide whether or not it is really necessary. Then, you should look out for opportunities to reuse your possessions or to buy items that will stand the test of time. Perhaps you could upcycle your old furniture or purchase fabric shopping bags instead of flimsy plastic ones. Finally, you need to think about where all of your waste is going. Why not visit your local recycling plant and check out the kind of items that you can bring along? You should also take some of your old possessions to thrift shops and homeless shelters. It may seem like a lot of effort at first, but it won’t be long before this eco attitude becomes second nature.

Think about your transport

Another important step is to think about your transport. Instead of driving around a gas-guzzling car, you should evaluate your options. Perhaps you could invest in an electric car that has less of a negative impact on the environment. Maybe you could set up a lift share to work and put your existing vehicle to good use. Alternatively, you could make more of an effort to use public transport or to get out into the open air and walk around. The most important thing is that you lookout for an eco-friendly option that compliments your way of life. Of course, you don’t want to compromise your day to day happiness, but at the same time, you don’t want to ignore your responsibility for the environment.

Invest in insulation

You should also evaluate the pros and cons of investing in insulation. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to control the temperature of your property and to lower your monthly heating bills. It is also another great way for you to protect the environment. Why waste energy creating warm air, only to have it drift out of your home? Although a more comprehensive insulation system may have its short-term costs, it is certainly a long term investment. Effective insulation will save you money over the years and it will also come in handy if you ever decide to sell on your property.

Monitor your use of electricity

Your use of electricity should also be placed under the microscope. If you are going to enjoy a greener lifestyle, you can’t afford to let any energy go to waste. That is why you should encourage all your loved ones to switch off their devices after they are finished using them. You should also think about replacing your lightbulbs with LED alternatives. This will ensure they last longer and that they are not using up an excessive amount of energy. Why not set yourself the simple task of touring your property before you go to bed? This is the perfect opportunity for you to identify the switches that have been left on, and any power that is going to waste.

Enjoy a staycation

Instead of using up your air miles, you should make the most of a staycation. Not only is this a brilliant way for you to protect the environment, it is also a cost-effective alternative to jetting off around the globe. You could take your family on a road trip, go on a camping expedition, or house swap with a loved one. The most important thing is that you keep a close eye on the distances that you are traveling.


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