What Kind Of Lifestyle Do You Lead?

making a lifestyle for yourself


Have you ever looked at your life and wondered what kind of lifestyle you really lead?

It’s a pretty open question, but it is one that we may want to be asking ourselves if we start to look at changing the way we live our lives for the new year. There’s no point in trying to make any changes to your life and make New Year’s resolutions if you don’t know where your life is headed in the here and now.

Lifestyle is a broad term. It can mean anything from the activities you pursue, the career you work for and the people you surround yourself with. The basic life we lead every single day is our lifestyle, but not many of us really take the time to sit down and figure out what that means.

Here are a list of types of lifestyle you may be leading currently, and if you can identify where you are right now, you will be able to make changes to be the person you want to be.


The first type of lifestyle is to do with fitness. There are many of us in the world who simply don’t go outside or do any exercise in our day to day lives. And while not everyone has to be an athlete, it is still important that we try and get up and moving for a little bit each day. You may be familiar with sitting in the couch all evening when you get home from work, and this will likely be causing you to snack more, feel more tired and gain weight.


The other type of fitness lifestyle is active. There are many of us now who have ditched the sofa and made that effort to change the way we see our bodies. By going to the gym, doing workouts at home and employing healthy habits in our lives we see a huge surge in energy levels and we also feel much more ready to take on the world.


You might not be out of the house every hour of the day working out, and you aren’t sitting on the sofa all night either. This type of lifestyle is a balanced between the two, and it is where most sit in their lives. We try to exercise a few times a week, eat as healthy as we can, but still treat ourselves now and again because that’s what life is about.


If you love nothing more than coming home on a Friday night, lighting a tin of candles and putting your pyjamas on, chances are you are a homebody. Homebodies are the ones who don’t go out clubbing every weekend and get drunk, they would much rather stay in and have a couple of glasses of wine in front of the TV. You will be proud of your home and you spend a huge amount of time making sure it is as welcoming as possible to guests. You care what people think about your home and how comfortable they feel when they visit. You probably take the time to go through your finances each week: using a house loan calculator and checking the value of your home on the market. Your home is your palace and you treat it as such.

Night Owl

You love nothing more than leaving work on a Friday, running around the house and getting your high heels on to go out on the town with the girls. The buzzing atmosphere of bars and clubs are where you thrive, and you love to stay out in the moonlight until the early hours of the morning. You might spend half of the weekend hungover, but you put the meaning into work hard, play hard.


Early Bird

You are that person who always gets up early even at the weekend. You love watching the sun rise in the mornings and taking a stroll in the crisp air. Yo don’t believe in wasting half of your days in bed, and would much rather be out and about enjoying the world at its finest.


Not content staying indoors at the weekend, you will often plan road trips around the country to explore national parks, mountain ranges and forests. You believe that exercise shouldn’t be done in the gym, it should be outdoors in the real world. Your happy place is probably sitting at the side of a glistening lake watching nature. One day you plan to leave this life behind and go travelling around the world, experiencing anything and everything the world has to offer.

Social Butterfly

Your favorite place is the center of attention. You love meeting new people, networking and finding out things about everyone you know. You might sometimes be seen as a gossip, but really you are just interested in the people you surround yourself with. You would make a great public speaker or TV show host. You love to talk, joke and get to know everyone.

Career Driven

You spend your evenings dreaming up your own empire. Ambitious people like you will never be satisfied simply funding someone else’s ideal life, you want to be financially independent and make your own way in the world. You are dedicated, you work incredibly hard- maybe too much sometimes- but you strive to succeed in every aspect of life. You need to learn how to balance your work and home life a little bit better.

Family Guy

Not the TV show. You love your family, and they are the ones who push you to do well in the world. Your main goal in life is to have a home filled with children and animals, everyone happy as healthy in your life. You love spending time at the dinner table and you love nothing more than family holidays. Everything you do is for your family. You are a caring, considerate person who puts everyone else before yourself. You might want to try and take some time for yourself every now and again.

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