10 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy


Pet owners will want to ensure their dogs are happy every day. Yet, they can often get stuck in the same routine or mindset, believing they are doing all they can do. However, there are different ways you can shake up your hound’s routine to improve their quality of life. Read the 10 ways to make your dog happy.


  • Rotate Toys


Dogs can easily grow tired of playing with the same old toys. Improve their personal happiness by introducing new toys that will provide them with endless fun. You also don’t have to constantly buy new toys to keep your canine happy, either. Simply rotate the toys when your pet becomes a little bored, so you can pull out a different toy they might have forgotten about. You should then put away their old toy and bring it back out a few weeks or months down the line.


  • Teach Obedience


Teaching obedience isn’t only good for the pet owner, it is good for your pooch, too. Your dog will want to make you happy, and learning the rules and boundaries will make him or her a good pet within the home. As a result, they are more likely to be praised and less likely to be chastised, so it will help a dog to learn right or wrong. They’ll also enjoy the dog training process, as they will have to mentally think about what they need to do and can receive praise or rewards for their efforts.


  • Daily Walks


Walking around the garden isn’t enough to keep your dog happy and healthy. Dogs love to explore the great outdoors, which is good for both their mind and body. They don’t want to be locked up in the house all day or restricted to the garden. Unfortunately, many pet owners fail to take their dogs out enough, which can make a pooch unhappy. That’s why it is so important to take your dog on regular walks. Incorporate daily walks into both yours and your pet’s routine, which will allow you to support both their physical and mental health.

You can also guarantee your pet will revel in every new experience, and will love the prospect of smelling new things, seeing new sights and meeting different people. What’s more, it will help your dog to burn off excess energy, and it will allow you to spend quality time with your pooch, so that you can develop a closer bond.


  • Eradicate Pests


Fleas and ticks can reduce your pet’s happiness, as they may have to spend their days biting away at the annoying bugs. Protect both your pet and home by investing in a flea and tick control product from VetIQ, so they will not spend their days wishing the bugs away.


  • Teach Your Dog New Tricks


Dogs love to learn, as it provides mental stimulation to keep boredom at bay. So, spend a little quality time with your pet to teach him or her new tricks, which can improve your bond. In addition to plenty of mental stimulation, your dog will love the delicious rewards they will receive once they have mastered the new trick.


  • Maintain a Healthy Weight


Overweight dogs are unhappy, as excess weight can make them feel uncomfortable, can increase their body temperature, reduce their agility and can lead to various medical conditions that can impact their lifespan.

Unfortunately, many pet owners tend to overfeed their pet, as they may fill up their bowl with more food than they need or give their pooch too many treats. It is, however, important to remember that your dog would eat the whole bag of kibble if you allowed him or her to, as they often never know when they are full. A healthy weight will improve your pet’s long-term happiness and lifespan, which will, in turn, make you feel happier. So, speak to a qualified vet to discuss an effective diet plan for your dog’s age, weight and breed.


  • Play with Your Pet


Playing with your pet for as little as ten minutes per day could be enough to make your dog feel loved, while allowing your canine to have a little fun in the home. Dogs can easily become bored, which is why you should set some time aside each day to play with your pooch. There are many ways you can keep them happy; for example, you can hide treats for your dog to find or could play chase. You can trust your hound will love you even more if you make time to play.


  • Bathe Your Dog


Bathing your pooch might fill both you and your pet with dread, but it is necessary to keep your dog fresh, clean and happy. Not only can you wash away any dirt from their fur, but bathing your dog will help to remove any allergens from their coat. What’s more, your pet will feel cleaner and smell fresher. However, you should only bathe your pet once a month to prevent their skin from becoming dry. If you want to bathe your dog every week, you should use either a soap-free or moisturizing shampoo.


  • Praise Your Pooch


Build a stronger relationship with your pet through praise. Both verbal and physical praise will increase their happiness, as they’ll be able to understand how good they are and how much you love them. Praising your pet for a few minutes each day is enough to make them feel secure, loved and comfortable within the family home.


  • Rotate Treats


It’s not only their toys that will need to be rotated, as you should rotate their treats, too. Eating the same treat day after day will become boring, which is why you should add new treats into their diet, as they will love to find out what new snack they will receive next. It will also provide your canine with a chance to explore a new scent, flavor and texture.

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