Creating The Perfect Guest Suite

make guests happy


When you have guests visiting your home, you want them to feel at home straight away. And there’s always a bit of you that wants to impress your guests just a little. The lead up to your guests arriving can be a bit stressful as you rush to get the house ready to receive them. The chances are that even with close family you will want to show your house at its best, by cleaning it, hiding away your usual clutter like washing piles and kids toys (if you have kids) or dog toys (if you have a dog.) You also need to think about your pets in relation to your guests – you might be okay with them sleeping on your bed, but they might not so make sure you check with them first, and if they are allergic, make sure that you keep the room they will be staying in pet-hair free.

But the main thing that will make your guests feel at home in their room. Having a space to relax that is perfect in every way is the best thing for your guests. As much as they will be loving spending time with you, visiting can be tiring, and where you have your whole house to retreat and relax, they only have the room you have given them. So make it comfortable and welcome.


You want to keep the space light and calming, so use a neutral color palette with a pop of light green, blues or yellow. These colors are proven to change people’s moods – green reduces stress, blue calms and relaxes, and yellow cheers you up. Lighter colors also help the space to look bigger than it really is, and helps them feel more refreshed in the morning.


The worst thing that happens when staying somewhere as a guest is when you realise that you don’t have a lamp. Either to read by or just because you don’t like the dark. It’s not the biggest issue in the world, but if you’re used to having a lamp, you will get comfy in bed then realise you have to get up again to turn off the light. So make sure there’s a lamp on the side table in the room. And the same time, too much light is horrible and can mean your guest won’t get a good night’s sleep. Make sure that the room has decent blackout blinds or curtains – or a combination of both.


Having a room full of clutter is just stressful, and that is the exact opposite reaction you want your guests to have. You don’t have to go full minimalist, but try not to have too much stuff going on. You can properly dress a room with some books, a plant or two and some wall art. Keep with your decor and introduce a bit of colour to the room through the accessories. Your guest room might be a great space to store any extra things like winter clothes or Halloween decorations, and where you have every right to store things wherever you like in your home, make sure that it has all been tucked away and stored nicely. Look into some creative storage options for the room.


If your guest room has an en-suite then you have the opportunity to make it a lovely, relaxing space. Going with a modern, sleek look with white fixtures, stainless steel bath mixer taps and a standing power shower, is a fantastic option, and will need minimal maintenance, and the neutral colors will be timeless.


Regardless of whether your guest room has an en-suite or is sharing the family bathroom, they probably won’t have remembered to bring all of their toiletries. In a shared bathroom, you can easily share your own products, but in an en-suite, you might want to set out some spares, including a towel, face cloth and hair dryer.


As well as having a super comfy bed, think about the bedding. Link the covers into the color scheme for a cohesive look. And where lots of cushions look great, they are a nuisance to shove off the bed. It’s a good idea to keep the cushions to a minimum, but that doesn’t mean that a couple wouldn’t be a welcome touch.


As we mentioned before, having wall art in the room is a great way of dressing the space. However, you don’t need to crowd the walls and surfaces with photographs. This is your home, so you don’t want it to be as impersonal as a hotel, but not everyone wants to fall asleep with every member of your family smiling down at them. Stick to art, or choose photos carefully.


Most people love to relax with a good novel, but many also forget to carry one with them. As well as using them as a way to dress the room, make sure your guests know they are free to pick one up and read. If you, or they, aren’t big on books, then why not stack a couple of current magazines?


With your creative storage in place, your guests will have plenty of space to hang their clothes – which is great for an extended stay as no one likes to live out of a case. Hang a small mirror in the room so that they are able to style their hair or apply their makeup without having to ask to use your mirror.

‘Help Yourself’

Not many guests who are given the direction ‘help yourself’ to food and drink will actually take the direction – unless it’s close friends or family, then they are likely in your fridge before you’ve offered. So by having a bowl of fruit in their room, bottles of water rather than glasses, and a bit more of a buffet style breakfast, will make them feel right at home.

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