Choosing the best residential heaters for warmth and comfort


Every year, the winters are getting unbearable and it is increasingly hard to keep up a regular routine. If you live in a location where the cold hits you bad, then you should be ready with defense mechanisms. In places where centralized heating systems are not available or are not effective, there are other models of heaters you can invest in. These help bring down the room’s temperature and provide you with much needed warmth.

What happens when the temperature keeps falling?

Starting from asthma to painful joints, flue, cold, dry skin and even heart attacks, there are a lot of health hazards that the cold season brings. Keeping your body warm is the only way to stay away from all these issues and to face winter with strength.

Below are pointers to keep in mind before choosing the right room heater for your house.

Measure area coverage

Heaters, like air conditioners and fans, have certain area coverage beyond which they do not show an effect. Depending on how large your room is, you need to pick the right powered product. Usually, a 1000 Watt powered heater will heat a room of approximately 100 sq. ft. Measure your floor size and then invest in the right model.

Space constraints

If you can afford a centralized heater, there is nothing like it. If not, then you need to decide how much of floor/wall space these models can occupy. A freestanding model is more affordable, but it occupies considerable space in your living room. Wall heaters save a lot of space and work on less power too. If you have kids at home who might meddle with the device, this is a good option.

If you are looking for a quick heating solution, the fan heaters help you. Heat pumps are great energy saving options and heat better than other models. These can be purchased in several sizes depending on your need. If you a person who travels around, then you can think of portable heaters that are compact and perfect for a small family.

Tips to save money on heater bills

Before you pick any type of heater, make sure your home is insulated well. This will prevent cold air from seeping in, rendering the heater inefficient. Having the right thermostat will help your heater run better and also save a lot on electricity bills. You can get more information on right thermostats and perfect heating solutions on blogs like all things hvac.

Make sure to service your heater once a year without fail. This helps the device run at maximum efficiency and this also means that you will save money on electricity and will use the heater for years together.

With the effects of drastic climate changes, winters are going to be harsher every year. Install the right heater, follow certain smart tips to maintain and use it and you can stay comfortable and problem free any time of the year!   


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