Flashback to the 80’s- Top Fashion Trends that Changed the World

In the 80’s, everything seemed simple. Computers were the same size as a Great Dane, the world was full of colour and chart music continued to push the boundaries with controversy and excitement. Fashion also played a huge part in the 80’s and parents often spent hours trying to comb hairspray out of their children’s hair. Of course, balayage took inspiration from people using foil highlights in the 80’s and in the 90’s it became its own unique hairstyle.  People really did go with the flow when it came to neon jelly shoes and even parachute pants.

While we may never be able to relive those moments, it does make sense to look back from time to time and appreciate what we once had. From rat tails to perms and mullets, it was an exciting time for all. So if you are planning on having an 80’s themed party or if you just want to reminisce over the good old days then you have come to the right place. Here are the top fashion tips and trends that changed the world.

80s trends


Fanny Packs

Fanny packs didn’t just serve as an indicator that you were a tourist. Some might say that they were practical on a daily basis and incredibly stylish. People used them to store spare change when they needed to use the payphone and they were made out of fabric that ranged from nylon to even ripstop.

Slogan Shirts

Slogan shirts were also very popular. They were ubiquitous in the 80’s and the slogans often paid tribute to a political campaign, a famous singer or in some instance a hit TV show. The tees were often white in colour and were paired with stonewash jeans.

Four Rings

If you were into hip-hop then you will certainly understand the trend of wearing four-finger rings. They often spelt out “LOVE” or even “HATE”. This symbolised the golden era for hip-hop and the music just wouldn’t be like it is today if we didn’t make such strides with it in the 80’s.


Troublemakers and trendsetters loved the feel of velour. It had the feel of velvet and it also had

the stretchiness of spandex. It was nice and cosy and in some instances it would be worn all year round. Velour was most commonly seen in tracksuits and sweatshirts, with plenty of high-end brands jumping on the bandwagon. You had Dior, Fila and more, who would invest in this type of clothing for athletic purposes. Other stylish athletic clothing from the 80’s would include incredibly short shorts, long socks and t-shirts that were far too small.

Reebok Classics

Reebok really did stand out in the 80’s. Nearly every other person at least owned a pair of Reebok Classics and you also had other collections as well. They were a hit with both the ladies and the men, and one memorable design was the Dance model. This had double-tongues and stood out as being one of the most revolutionary pieces of footwear in that era.  

Fat Goose Jackets

Down-filled puffy leather jackets were often referred to as being triple fat goose jackets. They inspired designers such as Ralph Lauren who made parkas that took various aspects of the design before adding other distinctive features. If you look around, you will quickly see that this style of clothing is still present today and that it is even rocked by superstars and popstars.

So now you know about the top fashion trends that changed the world as we know it, it’s time to move on to some of the iconic people that helped it all to happen.

trends from 80s


Stars such as Boy George, Madonna, George Michael and even David Bowie rocked very unique styles. You also have rock and heavy metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Kiss and even Metallica who sported long hair and leather jackets. The rock scene really did come to life in the 80’s and some of those fashion styles are still present to this day. Look at Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden, or Gene Simmons from Kiss. They are still rocking that 80’s look and people idolise them for it!

All in all, the 80’s was a magical time and it really did evolve a huge range of music into what it is today. The times do change but a lot of people still take influence from those styles, and some bands are firmly rooted with the same attitude and ideologies as those who came to the scene 30 years ago.

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