Why Working In The Fast Food Industry Doesn’t Deserve a Stigma


We have all heard it. When someone wants to make a derogatory comment about somebody’s potential, whether it’s a high school kid or an adult, they suggest they will end up working in a fast food chain restaurant. McDonald’s in particular gets this shtick.

However, working in a fast food restaurant can not only be a good experience that can help you learn skills you can apply in other jobs, but it can also offer a career path all of its own into supervisory and branch management roles. Fast food chains also have corporate jobs the same as any other major corporation, and you may be able to make inroads into these by making an impression working at a restaurant or drive thru.


  • What Skills Can You Demonstrate When You’ve Worked in Fast Food?


For young people, including those doing this kind of work part-time while they are studying, fast food can be a way to bring in an income. It is also, however, a good way to build up work experience on their resumes that may be more important than you may think when it comes to getting other jobs – such as graduate positions.

Many people applying for graduate entry level jobs have no work experience at all, giving those who have worked in fast food an edge. They will have developed customer service skills, become used to working within a team, and proven they can show up on time and work reliably. In some industries, for instance hospitality, this work experience will be even more key as it shows they understand about things like food hygiene and dealing with difficult customers.


  • Career Paths Within a Restaurant


Not everyone who joins a fast food company is doing it as a student job or secondary job. Some people find they like the work and want to move up to positions of responsibility within their restaurant. Fast food chains offer good training for promising people that can allow them to learn the skills needed to manage a branch or even a region, and these can be lucrative and rewarding jobs.

People with existing experience can also apply at higher levels within a restaurant. You can find out more about the available roles and the different application processes for all of the major chains at jobapplicationworld.com.


  • Corporate Positions


As well as working in the branches, there are also all manner of roles that need to be done in the head offices of major fast food chains. Working for McDonalds may sound like something people look down their noses at, but there are all kinds of jobs involved in running a business that size, from logistics and marketing to legal and financial roles. Add to that IT, product development, research and management, and it’s clear that people with all kinds of professional skills work for these companies.

There are lots of reasons why people work in fast food, and lots of different goals and motivations for doing so, so it is best if we lose the stigma surrounding these businesses and those they employ!

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