What You Need to Travel with Your Family Long-Term


Travel is an incredible teacher for all families. For children, travel can teach them about the world in ways that their elementary education could never do. That is why when you have the free time, for instance over summer, you should go on extended travel trips with the whole family. There is no better method to turn your children into global citizens than to travel extensively. If you want to further their education and understanding of the world, you could even create a travel curriculum so that they learn about where they are, the cultures, and the history of the world.

The world is a complicated, beautiful place, and the more people who grow up understanding those halfway across the world from them, the better. That is why you need to travel. There are people who are very like us in every culture around the world, but until you go and meet them, you will never know the extent. Being fearful and judgmental of individuals is not how we create bridges, but how we build walls.

Travel with your whole family, and you will not only get to see and experience the world – you’ll be giving your children a great, well-rounded education. Do it during the summer break, and you won’t have to worry about your children missing out on the stability and social life that being at home provides them. It’s the best of both worlds, and to make the most of it you will need to prepare:


The first thing that anyone thinks about when it comes to preparing for a big trip with your family is to pack. Packing for a long period of time needs to be practical, but it can also be an excellent teacher. For instance, it can teach your children the difference between things that they need, and the things that they just want. Living minimally can make one incredibly respectful of their own things.

To do this, you will need to pack the essentials. There are laundromats all around the world, and it is much better to travel light and to do your laundry than it is to try to bring clothes for the whole trip. When you pack, however, remember to bring:


  • The Essentials


A good rule of thumb is to bring one week’s worth of clothes. It is also good to realize that many items can be worn more than once during this period. Jeans, in particular, are an excellent item because they can be worn more than once between washing (so long as they don’t become muddy or sweaty). The better the quality of jeans, the more long-lasting they will be. The same goes for all kinds of clothes.

You need to remember that summer travels don’t guarantee hot weather. Not only do nights get cold in warm countries, anywhere on the southern hemisphere is experiences its winter during this period. That’s why you need to invest in quality clothes form Vingino kids clothing line, so that your children can be warm and fashionable.

The more you travel, the more you will be able to gauge how many clothes to bring on your travels. To start with, pack for a week. As you become more experienced, you might find that you can bring, say, three bottoms and five tops, and have that be enough for your whole trip. The less you bring, the more you can bring back!


  • Toiletries


Liquids are much heavier than you might think. They also cannot be taken through on any carry-on. That is why it’s best to actually bring hard soaps. You can bring a body-soap bar, and even a shampoo soap bar! Keep your liquids to a minimum, so toothpaste, moisturizer, and, if you need it, conditioner.


  • Memory-Taking Equipment


While many smartphones today can easily take stunning photos of your trip no problem, your children might be left out. Thankfully, there are many great digital cameras that you can buy for very cheap second-hand. That way, your children can enjoy taking their own photos, can learn responsibility, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking an expensive piece of equipment.

Teaching on the Go

Don’t be fooled, learning while you are traveling isn’t just for children. Adults should also take the time to read up on the history and culture of the place where they are going to, as well as to go on tours throughout their destination. The more you learn, the wider your horizons will be.


  • Get a Book


This doesn’t mean buying the tourist destination books that tell you the top tourist destinations, but one that goes through the history, or culture of a place. These books are typically much more fluent and nicer to read, as they were not created to be a small series of articles to get you through the city, but instead a comprehensive look at the destination you are going to.

As a bonus, these are typically much cheaper and can be bought online before you go!


  • Book Tours


Most museums come with their own personal audio tour, which you should definitely get. Not only will you and your children learn more about the history that the museum holds, these audio tours typically take you through a narrative about the lives of the people who would have used these items, and more. It makes it easier to understand and remember, particularly for children, who wouldn’t connect with the plaques under items.


  • Discuss it Afterwards


Reflection is key when it comes to remembering anything, so talk about what you have learned afterwards. To really cement everything, you have learned and done, have everyone take time at the end of the day to write in a journal. This will allow children to reflect on how they felt, what they have done, and what history jumped out at them the most.

The more effort you put into your trip, the more you’ll get out of it. Ensure that you aren’t burdened with what you bring, and make every trip you go on a learning experience. That way, your whole family can reap the benefits of travel.

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