3 DIY Projects that Could Add Value to Your House


It’s one thing to complete a DIY project you were holding close to your heart for the pure enjoyment of it. But it’s even better when said project allows you to add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your home. Whether you’re a real estate investor, or just want to gradually increase the value of your home, some DIY home renovations could really pay off in the long run while increasing your quality of life. Here are a few DIY projects that could add to your home’s value.

Replacing Carpeting for Hardwood Floors

There was a time when carpet was seen as luxurious and the flooring option of choice in many homes. However, times have changed, and wood floors are privileged these days. Even if some buyers might actually like carpet, going with a more universally liked option is a better choice if you want to reach more potential clients. Wood floors demand much less maintenance as well.

Furthermore, replacing carpet with wood flooring in a relatively small room like your living room can easily be done on your own with the proper know how. It’s also one of the less risky DIY projects you can undertake.

Upgrade your Garage and Driveway

Upgrading your garage and driveway is another great way to increase the value of your home. Contrarily to popular belief, paving your driveway isn’t as complicated as most think. As long as you have a professional team perform the excavation, the rest can be done if you have the basics down.

You can also improve your garage by replacing the garage door, adding a garage door opener system, and laying epoxy flooring. A nice epoxy floor doesn’t cost much to install and will make your garage look much more luxurious. It will also make your garage floor much easier to clean as well.

Don’t be afraid to repaint the interior if you want to give it more of a shop feel; you’d be surprised at how small details like these could spike interest from some buyers.

Get New Appliances

Many people wrongfully think that going all out in the kitchen will skyrocket the value of their home. The issue with kitchen remodeling is that it is easy to go overboard and spend more than you can recoup when you come to sell.

A good solution would be to replace your main kitchen appliances and go stainless. This alone could be enough to completely transform the look of your kitchen. Coordinate all smaller appliances as well to create a sense of cohesion. Instead of completely replacing cupboards, you can repaint them and add some stainless handles. These few changes could have a dramatic effect on the kitchen without having to pay thousands on remodeling.


DIY projects, when done right, can allow you to add substantial value to your property. If you do decide to go for any of these options, however, make sure that you know what you’re doing so the whole thing doesn’t turn into a disaster.

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