Minor Plumbing Repairs All Homeowners Should Be Aware Of


Plumbing is something that you get progressively better at with more experience. While it’s often the case that the tougher jobs need a professional’s hand, for the minor plumbing repair tasks, taking it one step at a time is best. It can be frustrating at first, but practice makes perfect with plumbing and as the knowledge accumulates, each new plumbing challenge becomes easier to overcome.

Here are a few of the more frequent mistakes made with plumbing and how to not fall into the same trap.

Trying to Tell Yourself That There’s No Problem

Some problems are undeniable, like a pipe that’s sprung a leak causing the bathroom to flood. In other cases, minor issues that are obvious but haven’t reached the critical stage are marginal events where it’s possible to overlook them.

The difficulty here is that small things become big things when you don’t take care of them. Minor leaks become bigger ones, water flow issues get worse as pipes get more clogged up over time, etc. It is never a good idea to ignore a problem and hope it goes away; especially with plumbing issues.

Hapless & Unprepared

Without putting a fine point on it, when you don’t know what you’re doing, and you haven’t procured the right tools before you begin, it’s a recipe for disaster. When you don’t know what is causing the problem, you may attempt to fix something that was working just fine and cause new problems that compound the issue. There’s nothing worse than the blind leading the blind.

The other aspect here is that you can take a minor issue and create real damage when messing things up badly. This often leads to emergency calls to a plumber with their call out fee and other costs to resolve the issue, with the lady of the house none too happy and the man looking on sheepishly. Always check out sites like The Plumbing Info before you start, and use the right tools, so this never happens to you.

Failing to Perform Maintenance

With plumbing issues, it’s often a simple matter to look for signs of impending failure of part of the plumbing system in a home. There are YouTube videos covering different aspects of plumbing with enough useful information to help with a monthly inspection of the vital systems.

What you’re trying to do here is prevent a more serious problem from happening by catching a minor issue before it becomes something more serious and costly to resolve. An ounce of prevention, as the old saying goes. Beyond what you can do yourself, paying for a professional to come in and double-check the system top to bottom on a yearly basis is a prudent action to take, just like taking your vehicle in for its regular service is too.

The plumbing system isn’t hugely complicated, but for someone who’s more of a city kid and a white-collar worker, getting their hands dirty and being successful at it is asking a lot. It’s important to know your limitations; when you’re really not going to be much use at DIY, leave it to the professionals and budget the money accordingly.




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