How Important Are the Accessories for Electric Trimmers – Do You Really Need Them?


Just like with any electronic item, electric trimmers can be filled with bells and whistles. One of the main features are the accessories that many electric trimmer sets come with. So, what are these accessories for and how necessary are they? Here, we’ll take a look at the most common accessories out there, what they do, and which ones are the most useful so that you can find that perfect trimmer for your needs.

Figure Out What You Want to Be Able to Do

The first tip for men is to figure out what they want to be able to do with their trimmer. Is it just for trimming a short beard, do you have a long, thick beard, do you want to be able to do personal grooming such as trimming sideburns and eyebrows, do you want to shave your head with the same trimmer, and how precise do you need the trimmer to be? The answers to these questions will help determine what attachments are necessary.

Hair Cutting Shears

Here’s an accessory that isn’t going to be necessary for the bulk of people out there. If you’re purchasing a trimmer, then the chances are high you just want something quick and simple. Shears or scissors, probably aren’t going to be necessary for you. If you’re looking for a kit with shears, be prepared to pay a much higher price tag.

Hair Trimmer Guards

Now, this is a very important accessory and you may find that the kit you are eyeing comes with a few different trimmer guards. These trimmer guards can also be called comb guards, spacers, or guides. What it does is keeps the length of the trim consistent so you’re not making mistakes. This is imperative for beginners who are just getting used to a trimmer, and really for anyone who doesn’t want to have to worry about keeping the trim uniform. The guard does all the work for you.

The guards will all come with numbers on them, with the smallest numbers meaning the shortest haircut. The higher the number, the longer the hair that will be left. Keep in mind that the different lengths are also meant for different areas such as your beard, moustache, eyebrows, sideburns, etc. The Philips Norelco G370 is a great example of a trimmer that comes with different attachments that will change up how long or short the trim is.


Finally, there is the comb. This is a pretty simple accessory and chances are you’ve already got a comb at home, so it’s completely unnecessary.

Additional Accessories

As for additional accessories you may find, these can include a spare battery, a charging port for cordless models, a brush to clean the trimmer, and even a “how-to” styling guide.

While some accessories are unnecessary, there are a good number that you will want to look for depending on what kind of trim you are looking to get, so read some reviews before you buy.

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