Preparing Your House For Overnight Guests


Having people over to your home is both exciting and stressful. You’re looking forward to seeing your friends, but know you have a lot of tasks to tackle before their arrival. Instead of getting bent out of shape, plan and prepare so you’re ready for them.

Make a list of what you want to accomplish and how much time you have to get it all done. Assign chores to your family members to take some pressure off of your shoulders. Remember that they’re coming to see you and your family and visit. They aren’t making the trip to judge you and your home. Work efficiently and do the best you can. See how to prepare your house for overnight guests.


Look at the calendar and start counting backwards to come up with the number of days you have to clean. Create a schedule and spread out the tasks, so you’re not overdoing it in the process. Prioritize and determine which items on your to-do list are most important, in case you don’t get to them all before they arrive. A clean house will make you feel much better about hosting your friends for a period of time.

Figure out Sleeping Arrangements

Think ahead about where everyone’s going to sleep. Count how many adults and children will be in the home and your options for putting guests on a bed. Once you’ve determined where everyone will sleep, be sure to clean and change the sheets in all of the rooms. You’ll also want to dust and make sure there’s closet or drawer space for them to put their clothes. Don’t feel bad if you have to use a couch or pullout bed during the time they’re staying with you.

Go Grocery Shopping

Come up with a grocery list and meal ideas for when your guests are at your house. Think about what the kids and adults like to eat and what you might like to cook while they’re visiting. Don’t be afraid to schedule a meal or two that consists of you eating out or carrying in food. Try to make it as easy as possible for yourself, so you’re not spending the entire visit in the kitchen cooking. Prepare meals ahead of time if you can and come up with simple ideas that are easy to throw together and taste good.

Attend to your Pet

Owning a pet makes you responsible for guaranteeing they’re happy and healthy in your home. Be consistent about applying Pet-Lock flea and tick for dogs and be certain to keep any pests out of your home. This is especially important when you have guests visiting your property. Attend to the areas where your pet spends the most time when you’re cleaning and tidying up. Use an air freshener to clear the place of any odors.


Getting your home ready for visitors is a big project. That’s why it’s smart to come up a to-do list and work ahead. This is how to prepare your house for overnight guests.

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