Projects Around Your Home Worth Tackling


If you’re a busy family with a full calendar, then it’s likely you don’t have much time to take care of your home. This is upsetting because it’s your pride and joy and you want it to look nice. There’s no better time than now to make your home a priority and create a to-do list.

Do your homework before you start so you can prioritize and consider what would be the best use of your time in your specific home. You’ve come to the right place to get ideas and thoughts on where would be a good place to begin. See projects around your home worth tackling.


It’s likely you haven’t cleaned your appliances for a while. The reason is you know it’s a big project, especially if you use them a lot. Before you begin, check to see if it’s time to replace them completely. If not, get the proper cleaning supplies for your material and roll up your sleeves. While cleaning the oven, refrigerator and microwave isn’t the most fun way to spend your time, it’s necessary. If you cook a lot you’ll probably run into lots of dirt and grime. It’ll feel good to spend time getting them nice and shiny again.

Declutter & Organize

Decluttering and organizing is always worth your time. If you haven’t done it in a while, it’s likely you’ll have a lot of work to do. Start by purchasing storage bins and organizing tools that are going to make your job a lot easier. Tackle each room and closet one-by-one and start a pile for any items you want to toss or donate. While it won’t happen overnight, soon your place is going to look spectacular and you’ll be able to move around without any problems. This is also a great time to clean out your closet and remove any clothes that you no longer wear.

Clean the Garage

A messy garage is hard to look at and should be attended to. Spend a weekend removing all of the junk and making room for items that belong. Install shelves that help you organize and keep your belongings in order. Put on some music and get your spouse to help you so the project goes faster. It’ll feel good to get rid of items that are taking up space and that you no longer need hanging around. It’s a good idea to start from the top and work your way down if you want to be the most efficient.

Wash & Repair the Cars

While you’re working on the garage, pull the cars out and give them a good wash inside and out. Clean out any garbage and shine the exterior. This is also the perfect time to make any repairs to your vehicles. It’s an easy DIY project using the Dodge workshop repair manual that walks you through each step. Take the time to repair your car so it works and gets you to your destination without any issues. You’ll feel great about having a working car that you can pull right into a clean garage.


Spend time redecorating your home and creating a space that’s warm and welcoming. Go shopping or pull out décor from your basement that you have stored away. Personalize the space by including fresh flowers, family photos and handmade candles. Add rugs, lamps and artwork to spruce up the different rooms. Be careful not to overdo it and create more clutter than when you started. Hang curtains high to make the ceilings look taller and include pops of color to brighten your home.

Redo your Entrance

Take a look at your entrance and think about how you could make it look more presentable. Start by painting your front door a bold color and adding a bench and fresh flowers. Include a welcome mat and attractive light fixtures. While you’re at it, clean up the inside too. Install shelving and coat hangers so there’s somewhere to go with everyone’s belongings. Lay down a nice rug and install cubby holders for shoes. A new entrance will help your curb appeal and make people feel welcome when they enter your home.

Replace Hardware

A simple way to update cabinets and vanities is to replace the hardware. Go to a local home improvement store and pick out a modern option that’ll enhance the look of your home. This way you can avoid having to install new doors all together. If the hardware isn’t enough, then throw on a fresh coat of paint for a different look. These updates combined will make it look like you have an entirely new kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank.

Paint or Paper Rooms

Take a tour of your home and make note where it’s time to give your walls a facelift. Use new paint or wallpaper to instantly make a room look bigger, brighter and more modern. Painting is an easy project you can tackle over the course of a weekend. It’ll go even faster if you get the entire family to help. Go to the store and look at your paint color options before committing. Decide the look you’re going for and what you’re trying to accomplish with the paint or wallpaper.

Furniture Shop

Replacing old and uncomfortable furniture is always worth your time. Go to a thrift store if you want to save money and still come up with a nice look. Avoid furniture that looks nice, but is painful to sit on. Choose pieces that are both attractive and comfortable for sitting. Also, look for smaller items like an end or side table that will add character to your room. Another idea is to purchase furniture that holds storage for your belongings.


Your home is an overwhelming task when you look at it as a whole. Break it down into smaller parts and create a list that’s in order of what you want to tackle first. This will help you achieve your goals faster. These are projects around your home worth tackling.

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