Dressing To Feel Your ‘Wonder Woman’ Self

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It’s often carefully considered through fashion blogs how to dress to feel your best. What ‘your best’ is often goes unexplored. Some people may attribute dressing well to confidence, but what does that mean? How is it applied? What does a confident person experience over someone who is a little more nervous? Is confidence applied garment by garment, or by the attitude of the person wearing the clothes?

We’d like to explore this in this article. Clothing is far too often sold as a remedy to feeling ugly, instead of a means to feel wonderful and powerful in your skin.

So, instead of offering select fashion guides dictating what garments you should wear to feel wonderful, we’re going to point you in the directions that a powerful and self-confident woman will be attracted to in order to decorate themselves to the point where they feel happy, able and active in all they set out to achieve.

Without further ado:

Powerful Business Looks

The woman in the office environment is a force to be reckoned with. To add some of that stylish yet authoritative office chic, consider upgrading what you wear to work. This can help you feel like the most adaptable and competent person in your office. Even if you’re not, the attitude that you are will help you seek out solutions, take risks and educate yourself in ways worthy of a modern Wonder Woman. Consider wearing fitted blazers, with angular lapels and crisp white shirts. Emphasise this look with a pencil skirt of your desired length or fitted trousers which help you look trim and tidy.

Consider accessorizing with golden jewelry, because this adds much-needed flair to the white and black office dress code. If you like, experimenting with lapel flowers or brooches can help you emphasize your mood for that day. Also, if you’re looking to put your ‘work hat’ on with a fashionable item, having two pairs of glasses frame, one for recreation and one for work, can help you separate your dress and look for the task at hand.

Feminine Outdoor Looks

Many people incorrectly feel that looking like a ‘powerful woman’ means dressing like a man, in thick layers and with clothing that does everything to deemphasize their figure, drawing more intention to the content of the character of the person involved. Of course for some people that will work. But there is no shame in expressing your femininity, especially in your outdoor dress. Consider wearing airy and light layers, such as a cool and breezy sundress, and light cardigans for when the breeze develops an evening chill. Wear makeup which is refrained but emphasizes key areas of your face, such as a light brown autumnal lip shade, or opting for the beautiful and vintage fringe hairstyle. While we’re on the subject:


The best way to feel powerful and new in your makeover is to opt for a hairstyle you have wanted to try for some time, and rocking the look you truly want in this regard. Not only will it give you the potential for looking simply awesome, but trying new styles can help you feel quite simply like a different person. Why not go for bold color dyes to make that powerful statement you’ve thought of for some time? It could be as simple as having your hair layered and re-dyed, or chopping off the length completely and going for a feisty pixie look.

Personal Taste

You have probably noticed that we have included many variants of fashion in here dedicated to helping you feel your most powerful and wonderful self. Every personality is different, and so people are going to define the value of a look different depending on who they are and how comfortable they feel trying new things. However, we’d like to suggest that you will never know exactly how wonderful you could feel in a new look unless you make an effort to try a new style, or become more open to adapting your aesthetic. As you do this, you will notice that you will have more confidence facing new situations, because you have begun stepping out of the comfort zone in your own fashionable taste.

This is the power of fashion. It is not superfluous, it can define how confident we feel in the world around us, and how able we are to progress in directions we can be proud of, all fuelled by a sense of self-respect.

With these tips, you can be sure to enjoy a more grounded fashion experience, dressing like the variant of Wonder Woman you are.

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