What Features Will E-Cig Manufacturers Implement in 2018?


The e-cig industry is one of the fastest growing industries out there, and that means higher competition and many more challenges for manufacturers to get their brands exposed. Technology is improving all the time and as manufacturers want to compete, they might look at 2018 as being the year when they start introducing weird and wonderful features to enhance the experience for e-cig owners. So, what features could we see in 2018?

Ergonomic Designs

E-cigs are very lightweight and easy to hold as they are, but there’s still room for improvement. Manufacturers are going to follow the same practise as many of the other products out there – and they’re going to do that by producing ergonomic designs. Ergonomic designs will make e-cigs easier to hold and grip, and much more comfortable for those who use them constantly throughout the day.

Automatic Filling Features

The manual process of filling e-cigs with the desired e-juice flavours is relatively easy, but again, there’s always room for improvement. E-cig manufacturers may look to find a solution to do it automatically. Filling e-cigs is sometimes a messy job, so a feature of this magnitude would be a blessing. Manufacturers may look at a docking station that automatically fills e-cigs with the desired e liquid flavours. Such a feature could create a new industry where docking stations have multiple features in the sense they can be filled with different flavours to suit the needs of those who prefer a variety of e-juices.

Today, you can pick up cheap e liquid easily thanks to online discount stores such as VapersWarehouse who have year-round offers on, so vaping is a relatively cheap experience compared to smoking. However, could these changes to the devices increase the costs of vaping? Whilst e liquid should always remain cheap (unless more premium products become available), an increase in the price of vape pens could put some people off.


When we look at solar and wind power technology, manufacturers could find a way of making e-cigs self-powered so they don’t require batteries. Whether this is a viable option or not remains to be seen, but it’s still something to ponder going into 2018 and with all manufacturers looking to get their nose in front of their competitors.

Mobile Phone Compatible

There was a time when we didn’t think our watches would work in conjunction with our mobile phones, but many of them on the market now do. Could we see several features that work with mobile phone devices? Could manufacturers allow mobile app users the chance to connect to their vaper docking station so they can start filling for when the consumer is home? The home security industry has already made it possible for mobile users to connect to their security system from a different country, so there’s nothing stopping the e-cig docking industry from following suit.

Tracking Technology

Mobile phones already have tracking technology, and so do many other products. Such a feature wouldn’t be at all hard to integrate, and it could save consumers a lot of money if they lose them. E-cigs are getting more expensive, so taking advantage of tracking technology could prompt many consumers into buying those devices.

Better Vapour Technology

Vape pens are based on good vapour technology currently, but manufacturers will want to improve it so they can create various product designs when it comes to ergonomics. Manufacturers will likely want to create mini designs in 2018 and, if vapour can be created using smaller parts, that will allow them to do just that.

App Compatibility

As stated above, some manufacturers may look to produce e-cigs that can work with mobile technology. Not only could this be good for those wanting to connect to their e-cig from a different location, but it could also create an app industry so users can access their app to see how much they’ve been smoking along with other data.

The above features are currently all non-existent, and regardless of how odd they seem, they could still make an appearance in 2018 with all the technology manufacturers have at their disposal.

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