Drinking with Your Non-Plastic, Pura Stainless Water Bottle


Pura Stainless bottles are all 100% plastic-free and certified as NonToxic by an independent third party (MadeSafe.org). Each Pura lid fits any Pura bottle, allowing you to adapt the bottle to growing kids and a variety of activities! Designed to last, the Pura product line is eco-friendly and helps keep you, your family, and the earth healthy.

Some ideas to use your Pura bottles:

• In the park

• On a hike

• At the beach

• At a sports event

Tryazon allowed me to host a One Life. One Bottle. Party with Pura. I showed everyone how neat these bottles were, and how you truly just need one bottle for everything!



  • Infant & Toddler Bottles that Adapt to the Needs of your Child
  • Modular design is compatible with sip spouts & silicone from many leading manufacturers
  • Kiki transforms into a sippy cup, straw cup, water bottle & snack cup
  • Wide range of silicone lids incl. nipples, spouts, straws, flat caps


11oz Pura Kiki Toddler Bottle with a Silicone Soft Spout

ow this I was very excited about. I love that there’s measurement markings on the inside of the bottle so I can see how much I’m pouring while I’m pouring it. Not only does the nipple of the bottle not leak, but it’s also very durable (meaning that your toddler can’t puncture it with their teeth). On top of that, it comes with a silicone travel cap that decreases the chances of spills and leaks.

A 0.6 Liter Stainless Steel Pura Adult Water Bottle with a Flat Cap

I love this bottle. It keeps my hot drinks hot and my cold drinks cold.  It’s so easy to clean as well.  It’s also BPA-free and it doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals. As a health coach, this is very important to me!


5oz Kiki Infant Bottle

This is 100% BPA/BPS-free and the bottle and collar are crafted from safe, high grade stainless steel. It’s basically the safest bottle you can use!

Pura has a bunch of different interchangeable color sleeves. Everyone thought the colors were pretty. Another cool thing about Pura is that the tops are also interchangeable so you could screw in a baby bottle tip to one of your big 9oz bottles. I like mix and match products.

Bottom line: Pura is great for the entire family. You can find them on their official website or on Amazon.




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