Decorate For Halloween For Around $20

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Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to read ghost stories and watch classic horror movies. Heck, I even like watching the Halloween themed cartoons on Disney-though, I like to say it’s for the kids. 😉

I also like to bargain shop for Halloween decorations, and if I need to get creative about it, I will!

I found a fun way to decorate this year using Halloween decor  from the Dollar Tree and it came to around $20-I had paint and other supplies on hand, so I didn’t count that.

Here are some awesome (cheap) ways to decorate for Halloween:


Buy a pumpkin trick-or-treat pail for $1.00, cut down the back, than cut out the bottom and wrap around your outside light! I also cut off the handle. Cheap, fast, and easy! {via source}


Hanging spooky spider webs is a very inexpensive way to decorate for Halloween. Just throw some up in a corner, or on a door. {via source}


Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at


Pick up some cheap picture frames, spray paint them white (or any color you’d like). Cut out some fun Halloween images and glue them to the glass. {via source}


Get a dollar store touch light with base painted black and use black marker to draw the face of Jack Skellington. Super easy! {via source}


Spruce up your yard with these spooky bush eyes! The coolest thing about this idea is that they are made out of pumpkin trick or treat buckets! {via source}


Here is a very simple, easy and fast Halloween craft. Grab some tall white candles from the dollar store and draw ghost faces on them using a sharpie. {via source}


To create these super cool skull candlesticks you’ll need glitter skulls, candlesticks and a 2-pack of battery powered tea-light candles. {via source}


Everything Is Just $1 At!


You’ll need a plastic skeleton with joints you can take apart, a glass taper candle holder and a glass tealight holder. {via source}


You’ll need a plastic skeleton with joints you can take apart, a glass taper candle holder and a glass tealight holder {via source}


This spooky spider headband will cost you just $4 and took you less than 5 minutes to make! {via source}

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