Sometimes, You Just Need To Go All Out In Life



Katy Perry said it best when she asked: “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?” Arguably the most inspirational of her messages, the song was wildly successful after its release in 2010. An even stronger indication of the song’s success is it’s over 1 billion YouTube views as of the date of this writing. Why is that? Surely, it hasn’t happened by accident or simply happened because Katy Perry is a huge international star. Not all of her songs get that many views worldwide.

As with anything, the message is what counts, and that’s what the purpose of this article will be. Sometimes, after a long period of internal emotional turbulence, depression, frustration, shrinking in your adventurous spirit you come to the point of no return and realize that you must change your ways or the ways you’ve currently been comfortable residing in. Sometimes, you simply need to go all out in life, make no excuses for yourself, and catapult yourself like a cannonball in the direction of your dreams.

Making that decision is the easiest thing anyone can do. Following it up with disciplined, organized effort is a much different beast. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, quite the contrary in fact. There are a whole plethora of reasons as to why you, today should keep on top of your dreams in order to become your best person. The layers of fatigue, self-doubt and negative emotion, if kept up long enough, can make you feel like much less of a person than you actually are.

Luckily, that isn’t who you actually are. You are a much stronger person than you could ever understand or know, but you will only understand that on an intrinsic level if you implement the following behaviors. Couple that with a new form of spiritual addressing such as Yoga, Meditation or learning The Secret could help you form the new attitude you need to keep these things in your schedule.

The first obvious indicator of someone who is having difficulty is that their sleeping pattern will be way off. If you work a shift-pattern job, this can be even more of an insidious enemy, as sometimes you will need to work very late nights or very early mornings. However, sticking to a waking time as best you can will keep your schedule in check, and sometimes that will structure your day from the get go. Within the first 20 minutes upon waking, you need to complete a morning challenge to wake up. This might be 20 press ups, walking around the block and deeply breathing in fresh air, or simply giving yourself a puzzle to solve.

The next indicator of someone who can brush off the negative feelings and rush towards their goals is the ability to stay active. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, no matter how hard you try, your goals will never stay achievable. Getting your body moving gets your mind moving, and this is the most important thing that can revolutionize your daily ability. Remember, we are all our bodies, so it’s silly to wonder why your mental faculties feel dulled when your body is out of shape and lethargic.

Change who you are as a person regarding your small, incremental habits, and just watch as the positive shift in your life starts to happen.

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