Excited for Christmas Why You Should Start Your Projects Now

improvemnts for Christmas

Excited for Christmas? Why You Should Start Your Projects Now

Only four months until Christmas? Yipee! Even though the weather is still hot, you can feel the cool air coming and see the leaves changing, getting you closer and closer to the holiday season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you can’t wait.

So why should you? If you have some big projects planned for the holidays, there’s no reason to wait. Here are just a few projects you can start now:

Home Projects

Don’t wait until the last minute to get all of those home upgrades done. You want to enjoy showing off your home, not be stressed out. If you have family staying with you, start by revamping your guest room. Clear away any clutter and go through items you really don’t need anymore. Decide what can be donated and what can be thrown away so your guests have plenty of room to hang up their clothes in the closet and feel comfortable. You also can start putting together festive welcome baskets for their bedroom or bathroom. Include peppermint or gingerbread scented soaps and lotions, a new toothbrush, snacks and something Christmasy.

If you’ve been meaning to make improvements to your communal areas, now’s the time to start. There’s bound to be snags and delays in the remodeling process, so you should give yourself plenty of time. Create an open space in your living area so your guests will be able to mingle comfortably. Place your furniture and seating in an open layout with wide walkways, and be sure to have end tables and spots where people can set down their food and drinks.


What’s Christmas without the perfect decorations? Now’s the time to set up internet alerts and start searching for the best deals on holiday items before the seasonal markups begin. Make a list of all the decorations you want to find this year and start looking at all of your favorite stores (and maybe find some new ones). For example, if you want unique ornaments for your Christmas tree, you should start looking at specialty stores for their limited edition ornaments. You also can start finding hanging lights, pathway lights and outdoor decorations to light up your front lawn and make a statement to your neighbors and guests. Instead of waiting until the season begins, starting now gives you plenty of time to find the perfect items, lets you avoid the crowds and prevents you from having to settle because of high prices or limited stock.

Handmade Gifts

You want your gifts to be personal, so you’ve decided to go the DIY route. Don’t underestimate how much time and effort this takes. Now’s the time to get organized. Make a list of all the people you need to make gifts for, what you want to make them, your budget and the supplies you’ll need. Start with the biggest projects so you can break them down into more manageable tasks over the next couple of months. For example, if you’re knitting your mom a sweater, figure out the pattern, buy the supplies and get to work. If something goes wrong and you have to make corrections or even go to a plan B, you still have a lot of time.

You’re ready to be walking in a winter wonderland. While the snow may not be falling just yet, you can bring the Christmas spirit into your house by starting (and completing) all of your projects ahead of time.


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