The Most Affordable Cities for Luxury Housing in the US


In today’s world, luxury items no longer necessarily command luxury price tags. From smartphones to tablets, clothes to property, we are living in an age where delivering a luxury experience to consumers in just about any field is now possible for a fraction of what it used to cost. Consequently, more and more Americans are beginning to feel that they shouldn’t have to settle or compromise on quality when it comes to choosing somewhere to live.

Across its 9 million square kilometers, the United States includes just about every conceivable type of terrain and since its birth, the nation has taken a certain pleasure in colonizing and building cities in places where cities have no right existing. This is perhaps best illustrated by the city of Las Vegas, which sits in the middle of the Nevada desert, a city which was also perhaps the first in the US to embrace the notion of making the luxury lifestyle available to the average citizen.

In addition to some of the more obvious cities for luxury living, those that extract a premium price from their residents, there is an ever growing list of American cities that offer luxury housing for relatively low prices, in many cases to the point where a determined saver could realistically hope to one day occupy some luxury housing of their own. Below is a quick guide to some of the most affordable cities for those looking for a luxury experience without the premium price tag.

Seattle, Washington

The Pacific North West offers some of the most breathtaking landscapes that the United States has to offer and the region has earned its reputation as one of the most welcoming in the US. Seattle is known for its’ seemingly never ending rain and for what seems to be a local tradition of abandoning umbrellas in unusual places. Like many US cities, Seattle is producing more luxury and high-end apartments than affordable housing, however many analysts believe that in the long run this will lead to those luxury apartments becoming the city’s next budget apartments. As more wealthy investors move in on Seattle they will buy up the highest-end property, leaving the other properties on the market to trickle down and become more affordable to the average resident.

Boston, Massachusetts

As the home of Harvard, MIT and Tufts, Boston is arguably the intellectual center of the United States. As you would expect from a city with a large student population, Boston has plenty of affordable housing and favors low rent rates. One of the side-effects of this is that Boston luxury apartments are competitively priced compared to other cities, especially when one takes into account the strong presence of higher education institutions in the city.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is home to the world renowned Purdue University and the city boasts a rich and vibrant culture which is particularly active in the fields of the performing arts. Indianapolis also features some of the most affordable, luxury housing in the United States. Indianapolis boasts an impressive array of businesses which call the city their home and, like Seattle, an increase in high-end luxury apartment construction is pushing prices down for the previous slew of luxury housing projects.

Luxury living is no longer solely the domain of the ultra-rich, now any hard working American has the potential to make a home wherever they desire and to live in an apartment that represents some of the most affordable luxury housing in the world.

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