Extended Living Space: How to Make the Most of Your Garden


Real estate agents rage about location, so those who are nestled by the beach, a national forest, or incredible landscape pay more for land and home. Some bring water, flower, and natural elements indoors to enhance decor and to provide relaxation. Here’s how to make the most of your garden and enjoy the spoils of an extended living space.

Decide on a Deck, Patio, or Sunroom Addition

Those who want the outdoors closer to home have a few options, such as installing a deck, patio, or sunroom. Cost depends on desired size and involved labor. Therefore, weigh your options and don’t let cost be the deciding factor. Consider how often you’ll use the space. You can’t put a price on feeling at greater peace or closer to family members and friends who now have a new place to hang out.

Realize Furniture Dictates Comfort

Let’s face it. The loveliest ocean break is lousy while sitting atop a jagged rock, and a sunny day is less comfortable if miserable due to the humidity. Outdoor furniture facilitates the comfort of sitters and visitors. People won’t stay if they feel uncomfortable nor will the family feel at home. Do you want to entertain come nightfall? You’ll need quality home lighting.

Bring Garden Scents Closer

Gardens make a grand impression because of the multi-sensory impact. Not only do we experience the bright colors of flowers, we smell scents, touch gentle petals, etc. Select a range of flowers and herbs from the garden, settling them in pots, and placing them by the window. Research flowers and herbs with fresh aromas that can be kept indoors. Gardenias, for example, can be potted and kept inside.

Make It Pet and Kid Friendly (or Don’t)

Decide whether you want this to be an area equipped for entertaining kids and pets or a zen zone for adults. It’s something to consider and may create a future problem if not explored now. If a cat is not allowed outside, for example, it may get curious to downright furious if it can’t relax with the rest of the family on the deck or patio. A sun-room would be more inclusive for a kitty. Similarly, a detailed and expensive garden could suffer the curiosity waged by unruly pets and young children.

Make It a Lifestyle

Fresh flowers liven up a room. Wilted or dead flowers make another impression. Regardless of chosen space, dedicate time and effort toward the area to truly bring the outside in. Fresh flowers, watered pots, and plants rotated in and out of sun’s rays maintain the lifestyle. Like other hobbies in need of mastery, spending quality time with your garden invites better ways to integrate rooms of the home. Get ideas from magazines, web forums, and have private discussions with local enthusiasts. The more you do, the easier making the most of your garden becomes. Like fads of the past, you could lose interest in your garden, so find ways to make it part of your life.

Incorporate Cooking

Every person wants to be healthy. Those who maintain a great figure and good health for years understand they need to incorporate cooking into the equation. Clean, healthy, and unprocessed foods help avoid disease and promote good health. Opt for farm fresh foods over processed and fatty selections. The garden is perfect for those in that mindset. Start growing herbs for cooking along with tomatoes, cucumbers, and other garden variety veggies. You’ll save money and improve your health!

Invite Neighbors to Participate

Some neighborhoods have a shared garden where locals volunteer time or grow their own herbs, spices, and veggies. On a smaller scale, suggest that your neighbors buy their own seeds and plant them in your garden. They can come by to survey progress and water plants. Come harvest, they will have food to take home at a fraction of the grocery cost. It’s a nice way to promote simpler living and neighborly bonds.

Write It Off

In some cases, you can write-off a portion of the living space if it’s used to garner income. An at-home worker enjoys the loveliness of the outdoor deck that doubles as their work space. Come tax season, a portion of one’s mortgage or rent is recognized as a business expense. It’s another way to ‘make the most’ of your garden; why not earn and save money after creating the space? Ask other freelancers about their experiences or get the help of a trusted accountant before taking action.

Louis McDonald is a gardener with a keen eye for landscape design too. Whether you have acres or just a corner, Louis can help you come up with a stunning outdoor display whatever your wants and needs. He shares his passion for gardens in his articles.

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