5 Home maintenance tips


Owning a home can be a rewarding experience but it does not come without hard work. A home requires constant upkeep and routine maintenance to keep it in great condition. This article will provide some tips to help you in keeping up with home maintenance needs. For additional information and advice, be sure to check out the homeandgardeningguide.com.


  • Weekly upkeep. There are things that you need to do around your house on a weekly basis to keep your home in good shape. It is important that you do the dishes and laundry. Be sure to clean the sink and drain weekly as well as make sure that your dishwasher is cleaned out as well. It is also important to ensure that your yard is mowed and the weeds are picked. It is also a good idea to mop the floors and vacuum the carpet. Lastly, be sure to clean your toilets and shower stalls.
  • Monthly things to work on. Keeping a calendar to track all of the tasks that need to be done is a smart idea and a great way to stay organized. Some of the things you will need to do on a monthly basis include changing out the HVAC air filters, clean out the kitchen sink disposal, clean the range hood, check fire extinguishers, and check smoke detector batteries to make sure they are functioning properly. By performing these tasks on a monthly basis, you can ensure that everything is functioning properly.
  • Quarterly maintenance suggestions. While there are things that need to be taken care of on a weekly and monthly basis, there are things that do not require being completed that often. Every few months, you should be sure to test your carbon dioxide detectors, clean and flush unused toilets, and check your water softener if you have one.
  • Biannual suggestions. Every so often there are bigger projects that need to be completed and they include checking your water heater valve, vacuum refrigerator coils, and deep clean your home. Deep cleaning your home includes cleaning out appliances, windows, and the basement. Take the time to get rid of unwanted items and donate them to a local shelter. Clean corners and get rid of the dust bunnies that are hiding behind your refrigerator, dishwasher, and washer and dryer.
  • Seasonal suggestions. While there are tasks that need to be completed every so often as we have noted above, there are things that only need to be done based on the season. For example, if it is spring, you will need to clean out your gutters, check the exterior of your home for necessary maintenance such as power washing, check window screens and replace them if needed, and clear out dead trees or shrubs from your yard. Every season will have its own list of tasks to complete.


Owning a home is very hard work and you will never be bored as there is always something to do. Maintaining and caring for your home will pay off in the end and will allow you to enjoy living in a well kept space.

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