Must Have Accessories for End of Summer Trips


Longer days, sun-kissed skin, and summer travel is coming to an end. But, there’s still time to fit a couple of more trips in before the chill of fall sets in!

If you are like me, it is always so exhilarating to pack for a trip and a bit depressing unpacking on the back end. When I plan for a trip, I immediately lay out what I want to wear weeks ahead of time.  I like to pack my suitcase way ahead of time, making sure that I pick out my jewelry as well.

I love accessories, especially jewelry, and even though I want to bring all of my collection, I try to choose just a few pieces that will accompany all of my outfits. Also, let’s face it, when traveling you are rarely comfortable taking your most expensive jewelry.




When going on a summer trip, you’ll probably be bringing light weight outfits. Adding an adorable high quality charm bracelet will more than likely go with all your outfits.



Since most summer outfits have a low neckline, packing a couple of simple necklaces instead of bringing tons of them will eliminate the chance of having a tangled mess in your suitcase. You could easily pair them with some more neutral pieces or wear with a variety of colors.


A simple silver ring with a small accent will match perfectly with a stretch bracelet pair and are versatile enough to accompany a variety of other jewelry pieces.

To sum it up:

When selecting jewelry for your next adventure there are a few questions to keep in mind.

Is it versatile? Try to avoid bringing your entire jewelry box by selecting pieces that can be mixed and matched with a variety of clothing and other jewelry items.

Does it pack well? Items with delicate chains tangle very easily and many other delicate items can easily be bent when packed. Be sure your selected items are sturdy enough to withstand packing!

Are your items at an affordable price point? Jewelry is so small; it is such an easy thing to misplace. You do not want to bring your most expensive items on a trip.

Have fun with all  your end of summer travels! Shop for some new fun pieces to accessorize with!

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